Informed Consent

What is informed consent? 

Information about the research study and what participants can expect if you decide to be a part of a research study must be provided in an informed consent document and during a conversation between the participant and researcher. In survey research, the informed consent is provided on the first page of the survey. 

Infomed consent must include the following information: 

  • A description of the research study and why it is important;
  • The expectations of participation, such as time commitment, location, and what you'll be asked to do;
  • An explanation of all risks which may occur;
  • How the research team will keep information private, confidential, and secure;
  • Whether the researchers will ask you to be recorded in any way; and
  • Information about how you can withdraw from the study if you no longer wish to participate. 

Who should I contact if I don't receive consent information?

If you feel you were not informed about the study prior to participation, had questions that were not answered, or did not receive a consent form, please email or call the IRB office at or (651) 962-6035.