Continuing Review and Amendments


All changes to originally approved human subjects research must be approved by the IRB before changes may be implemented by the investigator or research team. Applications to Amend Previously Approved Research for protocols that originally went through full review must also be reviewed by the full board if the amendment will change any participant methods of information, interview or survey questions, and informed consent procedures. Changes to the originally approved research protocol are allowed without approval of an amendment to address any immediate hazards to participants or others. In the case of changes due to immediate hazards, the investigator must submit an Application to Amend Previously Approved Research as soon as is feasible and an Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Participants or Others reporting form within one business day of the change.  

Continuing Review

Researchers must submit an Application for Continuing Review to continue research with human participants or analysis of their private, identifiable information past an expiration date. The IRB requests that all Applications for Continuing Review be submitted at least two weeks prior to the project expiration date for exempt and expedited review and one month prior to the expiration date for projects that were reviewed by the full board.

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