Answers to frequently asked questions about IRBNet are listed below. If you need additional information or have questions that are not included on this page, visit our IRBNet resources page here. Additional questions may be directed to Sarah Muenster-Blakley at or (651) 962-6035.

In order to obtain signatures, you must share your project with your research personnel. After sharing the project, your research personnel can log in to their IRBNet accounts and sign the project package. In order to share a project package, the person you are sharing it with must have a registered IRBNet account. Please note the IRB cannot approve a project until all necessary signatures are obtained.

First, make sure that the user you are trying to share your project with has already registered an account on IRBNet. Next, go to your project package and on the left-hand side of the page select, “Share this Project” and then click the blue word “Share” on the next page. After, select the institution belonging to the user with whom you wish to share your project. Then, you can search for the user by name (they must have a registered account) and select the level of access you want to grant that user. Finally, click, “Save” to share your package.  

The IRB Application for Initial Review and all other forms, including consent and assent form templates, are in the document library on IRBNet.

Detailed instructions for registering an IRBNet account can be found here.

Detailed instructions on submitting a protocol in IRBNet can be found here.

Before you submit your project package, verify that all necessary documents have been included and that all signatures have been obtained. Once complete, click “Submit this Package” on the left side of the page.

Submitting a Project Package

To add new applications or materials to an existing project in IRBNet, investigators must submit materials using a new package in IRBNet. A package is a digital file folder within a project in IRBNet. To submit documents in a new package, click on the project you wish to submit documents for. Next, click "Designer" and then "Add New Document." Follow the prompts to add a document to a new package. IRBNet will produce a new tracking number for each package you create within a project. For example, if your original project package tracking number is 111222-1, the next package you open will be labeled 111222-2. Each package must be electronically signed by the principal investigator, co-investigator(s), and research advisor(s). Once all signatures have been obtained, click "Submit this Package" to submit your materials to the IRB. Please do not open a new project for continuing review or amendments. New projects should be opened for new research studies.