The Doctoral Practicum Experience

A practicum at the Interprofessional Center (IPC) provides the doctoral level graduate student with an array of clinical and clinically related educational opportunities within an interdisciplinary environment of law, social work and psychology. Educational experiences include:

  • An orientation to the IPC focused on providing psychological services in a collaborative model with legal and social work services.
  • Participation in Grand Rounds - a case presentation model that includes clients that are receiving services from law, social work and psychology.
  • In-service opportunities on topics such as psychological consultations, targeted psychological assessments, and special topics in clinical practice.

Specific Competencies and Skill Sets Taught at the IPC

Two factors contribute to the competencies and skill sets taught at the IPC. The first factor is the accreditation standards and national standards for graduate training in psychology of the American Psychological Association (APA), which have been adopted by the Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

This APA training model was developed by The Association of Directors of Psychology Training Clinics [ADPTC]. In turn the competencies expected of graduate students in psychology who do their practicum at the IPC were developed by the Council Chairs of Training Councils [CCTC], a committee of ADPTC. CCTC-ADPTC Practicum Competencies outline the specific competencies and skills sets that are taught at the IPC.

The second factor is the mission of the IPC to provide collaborative counseling and legal services. Students gain additional competencies and skill sets focused on a collaborative model of services provided by psychology, social work and law.

"The Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services offers exceptional psychological training opportunities that not only enhance one's clinical and assessment skills, but also affords the opportunity to interface those skills with the legal and social work professions."

Ross Jones, Former Third Year Doctoral Student

Prospective practicum students should be aware that the IPC receives referrals from a number of community-based and governmental-based referral sources, and that assessments and reports often have legal and professional deadlines. Clinical deadlines for both Legal Services and/or community referral sources might require the provision of clinical services during regularly scheduled University breaks. Because of the importance of these deadlines, failure to meet consistently these deadlines could result in the termination of your practicum at the IPC.

The Practicum Group

If you are interested in applying for the practicum at the IPC please send a cover letter and your resume to the Director of Psychological Services, Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services, 30 S. 10th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403.