Interprofessional Center

for Counseling & Legal Services

Doctoral Psychology Internship

The Minneapolis Internship Consortium is a partnership between the Interprofessional Center and Park Avenue Center. The Consortium partners have applied for accreditation from APPIC; however, we do not anticipate obtaining a response for a while yet. Therefore, we have posted our internship information on this web site; however, we are not formally listed in the APPIC Match as of yet.

If you are interested in applying for internship with the Minneapolis Internship Consortium, you will be asked to designate at which primary site you wish to be located – that is, either the Interprofessional Center or Park Avenue Center. You would spend 4 days per week at your primary site and 1 day per week at the other Consortium site.

Located here are the Interprofessional Center and Park Avenue internship brochures. Please feel free to contact Dr. Alison Sharpe-Havill at Park Avenue Center (612-871-7443 or  or Dr. Pat Stankovitch at the Interprofessional Center (651-962-4820 or for more information on these sites.

Doctoral Internship brochure