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White House honors Legal Services Clinic alum, Daryl Atkinson ‘07, with Champions of Change award


Daryl Atkinson ‘07 receives the White House Champions of Change award today for his work on criminal justice reform issues, particularly removing the legal barriers triggered by contact with the criminal justice system.

Now an attorney with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ), Atkinson pled guilty in 1996 to a first-time, non-violent drug crime and served 40 months in prison. Following his release, Atkinson completed college and law school and became a zealous advocate for second chances for formerly incarcerated people.

According to a White House press release: “The Champions have distinguished themselves through their extraordinary dedication and hard work to help those with criminal records re-enter society with dignity and viable employment opportunities.”

“This award is a huge honor,” Atkinson said. “To me, it really demonstrates the potential of every formerly incarcerated individual to achieve their dreams if they have the proper support.”

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