Interprofessional Center

for Counseling & Legal Services

Stankovitch Appointed as new Psychological Services Director


The University of St. Thomas Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services is pleased to announce the selection of Patricia Stankovitch, Psy.D. as the new Psychological Services Director

Pat says it is the mission of the University of St. Thomas Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services (IPC) that drew her to working with the organization. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the IPC. My job as Director of Psychological Services incorporates so many functions that I love to do with respect to work in one job: mentoring students, providing services to clients, teaching, and helping to market/build a strong referral base. In addition, after working with underserved populations in Hennepin County, I developed a strong desire to find a way to help make a contribution to our community.

Pat began her professional career in the corporate world – serving as Director of Human Resources for three companies in the Twin Cities. She then made a mid-life career change into Counseling Psychology. Prior to working with the IPC, she has provided psychological services to adolescents and adults at three university college counseling centers, a county outpatient mental health center, and a community mental health center. And for the past 4-5 years she has taught undergraduate psychology at three community colleges in the MN State College and University system

The biggest challenge at the Interprofessional Center for Pat is coming to understand both the similarities and differences among the three professions represented at the IPC - law, social work, and psychology – particularly in the area of the respective ethics codes which each professional is required to follow

Pat’s perfect Saturday is a warm, sunny morning in spring, summer or fall, where she begins her day by eating breakfast on the patio while reading the newspaper and visiting with her neighbors who also come out to enjoy the beautiful morning. She would then take her dog for a walk around the lake near her home and spend the afternoon reading and practicing piano. Later in the day she would get together with friends for a casual supper and great conversation.

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