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UN releases report on unaccompanied refugee children



UST Associate Professor German Pliego Hernandez of the Department of Computer & Information Systems and student Karlyn Harrod provided quantitative statistical analysis for a recently released UN report on unaccompanied children from Mexico and Central America.

The IPC has served a number of young people who have fled their home countries.  Reports such as this one from the UN help to inform our practices.

From the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:
"As crime and violence have increased dramatically in Mexico and Central America in recent years, UNHCR has tracked a notable increase in the number of asylum-seekers—both children and adults—particularly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala lodging claims in the region. 

My grandmother is the one who told me to leave.
She said: “If you don’t join, the gang will shoot you.
If you do, the rival gang or the cops will shoot you.
But if you leave, no one will shoot you.”
—Kevin, Honduras, Age 17

UNHCR’s latest report, Children on the Run, unveils the humanitarian impact of the situation by analyzing the reasons that 404 unaccompanied children gave to a team of researchers for why they left their homes and makes recommendations for a way forward."

The full report can be found here:


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