Interprofessional Center

for Counseling & Legal Services

Welcome to Sarah Cherwien, new Pre-Doctoral Intern for Counseling Services


Sarah is nearing the end of a four-year journey in the doctoral program for counseling psychology in the University of St. Thomas. The final year of the program consists of a full-time internship. The Interprofessional Center (IPC) is happy to have Sarah as it's new Pre-Doctoral Intern.

After studying Psychology and Family Studies at St. Olaf College, Sarah went on to pursue her M.A. in the University of St. Thomas. During her master’s practicum, Sarah worked in Genesis II for Families, a non-profit agency that works with parents and families involved in child protective services. She enjoyed the work so much that she continued her work there after her training experience completed.

During her doctoral program, Sarah trained at Saint John’s University Counseling Center and The Clinic of Attention, Learning and Memory.

Sarah is now pleased to be at the IPC due to the strength of the training, the supportive supervision and the wide variety of opportunities available (therapy, testing, DBT consultation, etc.). Sarah is also drawn to the IPC because of its social justice-focused values and the interdisciplinary nature of the space.

During her upcoming year in the IPC, Sarah looks forward to growing further as a clinician and taking advantage of all the many learning opportunities the IPC has to offer.

Down the road Sarah sees herself in private practice, but for now we are pleased to have Sarah here in the Interprofessional Center!

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