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George Baboila, IPC Co-Director, is the recipient of the 2011 THE HEART OF SOCIAL WORK AWARD


Our IPC Co-Director, George Baboila, is the recipient of the 2011 THE HEART OF SOCIAL WORK AWARD. We are overjoyed by our very own winning the prestigious national award. Congratulations George! Please read below for more about the honor from George's colleagues in the School of Social Work.

The Heart of Social Work Beats Within the SCU/UST School of Social Work

By Carey Winkler, Director of BSW Field Education & Lisa Richardson, Director of MSW Field Education

The North American Task Force for Field Education has established a special award, THE HEART OF SOCIAL WORK AWARD to recognize and acknowledge excellence in our partners in social work field education, the agency based field instructor. THE HEART OF SOCIAL WORK AWARD includes a review of 3 primary areas: Skill in field instruction and teaching, Service to the University / School / Program, and Creativity and Innovation in Field Instruction. This honor has been awarded to partners in field education since 1995.

This year, we are overjoyed to celebrate our colleague and field education partner George Baboila as the recipient of 2011 THE HEART OF SOCIAL WORK AWARD.

George Baboila is currently Co-Director of the University of St. Thomas Interprofessional Center for Counseling & Legal Services (UST IPC) and faculty member with the St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas School of Social Work. His work with the UST IPC includes serving as a field instructor for social work students at the BSW and MSW levels working with nearly 20 students per year. George has been teaching, supporting, and guiding students as a field instructor for 22 of the 24 years he has been in practice. He has served as field instructor for approximately 70 students over the years. He is a model of teaching, service, and mentorship and continues to make a significant impact on all those he works with and the profession as a whole.

George has a broad range of social work knowledge, experience, and interest that he shares with students. He is grounded in both generalist practice and clinical social work and brings this to life in his field instruction by engaging students in a variety of learning opportunities that span the micro, mezzo, and macro aspects of social work practice. In addition, he models this multi-level involvement through his own multi-faceted work with clients, with supervisees, in policy awareness and action, as President of NASW-MN, and in the many other capacities in which he serves the community and profession of social work.

A colleague said of him:

George’s goodness of fit with and love of the social work profession fit all of the areas for this award. He is passionate about the ethical and accessible services students can provide as they learn; he is open to learning from and with students and clients; he treats the Universities and the School of Social Work like a gourmet restaurant where he continues to select from the many choices of service he might enjoy; and he treats challenges as opportunities for learning and growth in himself and for those around him.

George’s commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm for teaching and practice are enormous benefits to the students he supervises, the School of Social Work, the Universities, and to the social work profession. Please join me in recognizing the important work that George does and congratulating him for receiving this award.

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