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Hopkins High School black students' suspensions, charges dismissed


Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds, Director of the Community Justice Project, successfully advocates for African American male students at Hopkins High School who faced suspension and criminal citations for their involvement in peacefully protesting a racially-charged incident in February.

The result would not have been achieved without the ongoing support and advocacy of a new group called "Parents and Community Advocating for Social and Educational Justice" and "Parent Voices Talk Radio" under the leadership of Ralph Crowder, a parent advocate and journalist. Ralph helped to mobilize a dedicated group of parents and community members who showed up and testified at school board meetings, attended the student walkout in May, and attended meetings with the Hopkins School District Administration. It was a group effort that demonstrates the power of grass-roots organizing and community-building in advocating on behalf of children of color within our community. It was a blessing to work with this group and Levy-Pounds been inspired by their commitment, dedication, and hard work on behalf of our community and our children. She would also like to thank Sarah Davis of the Legal Rights Center for her help in communicating with prosecutors in this matter and members of the press who took the time to cover the issue. 

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