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Congratulations to Dr. Tyner 2013 Honoree of the Minnesota African American Heritage Calendar


Congratulations to Dr. Artika Tyner for being named 2013 Honoree of the Minnesota African American Heritage Calendar.

For the seventh year, the Minnesota African American Heritage Calendar Award Committee a part of the PROCEED Foundation has produced this calendar to showcase the accomplishments of African Americans with roots in Minnesota.   The Committee  will be recognizing twelve individuals for letting their voices be heard for the shaping of future plans for our community and state. These individuals represent various sources of informational and educational practices to enlighten and inspire others to improve our society.  This year’s theme, “Vanguards of Our Legacies” recognizes the honorees’ contributions for setting the tone and facilitating the message for the expectations, hopes and dreams for citizens of African descent as well as for all Minnesotans.

Dr. Tyner exhibits the same spirit as the previous Classes of Honorees, 2006-2012, with her dedication of service to the well-being of all citizens of Minnesota.  The 2013 calendar features twelve accomplished honorees with a unique story to tell.  We hope you obtain this year’s edition not only to enjoy but to share with others the impact African American has made on our great state of Minnesota. 


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