Student Resources

St. Thomas faculty are committed to educational excellence and to improving their teaching to increase student learning in their classrooms. Tommies can make a difference by taking the time to give faculty honest and accurate feedback on the IDEA evaluation form. 

The IDEA evaluations work well only when you take the time to complete the forms for every class and by honestly and accurately reflecting on how much progress you have made on your learning in a course. 

By completing the IDEA forms, Tommies are making their voices heard, and improving learning for future students. 

A few reminders about the IDEA evaluation process:

No course or professor is expected to do all of the items you are being asked about on the IDEA form. Your constructive feedback will help your professors plan for future sections of the course. Your professor benefits when you answer each question on the IDEA form thoughtfully and honestly and include written comments.

Please note that completing the IDEA evaluation is a form of professional communication, and it’s important to offer your evaluation in the spirit of civility and respect. Thank you for your contributions to maintaining a great educational environment at St. Thomas.

  • In order to account for the broad range of courses we offer at St. Thomas, IDEA offers a range of objectives to measure student progress.  No course or professor is expected to do all of the items you are being asked about on the IDEA evaluation.
  • Your constructive feedback will help your professors as they plan for future courses.  It’s most helpful to your professors and to St. Thomas if you answer each question thoughtfully and honestly. 
  • Written comments are especially helpful to your professors and to department chairs and deans at St. Thomas.  Please keep in mind that these comments are a form of professional communication, and should be offered constructively, in the spirit of civility and respect. 
  • Please know that your evaluation will remain anonymous.  No one will see your evaluations until after your professor has submitted final grades.

Your professor may set aside time to complete the surveys in class.  If so, please bring a device with a wireless Internet connection to class with you on the day your professor designates. 

How do I access my course evaluations?

  1. To access the available courses to evaluate, please go to See Campus Labs documentation for more information about accessing your course evaluations.
  2. Login to the site using your St. Thomas username and password.

The best browsers to use are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer. The testing done to identify these preferred browsers includes site speed and overall functionality of features. Please note that it is best to have the most up-to-date version of the browser you are working in. 

Viewing your survey list

When you log into the Course Evaluation website, you are first presented with a list of courses that they are currently enrolled in. Courses may be grouped in the following categories:

Current Evaluations - Courses that are available to be evaluated

Submitted Evaluations - Courses that are marked as finished

Upcoming Evaluations - Courses that have not begun yet, but are scheduled

Closed Evaluations - Courses that the evaluation window has closed on

To begin any evaluation, click on the Start button. The site will then direct you to begin the evaluation. Course Evaluations are paginated for easier survey taking. Once you begin your evaluation, you will see a number of questions listed on each page. Please note that certain questions may be asked about your instructor and are noted by showing the name of the person you are evaluating.

When you have completed all of the questions, the system will redirect you back to the home page and your course will then be moved to the Submitted section. If you realized you made a mistake you may click on the Edit button to make changes. The edit button will stay available until the survey window closes.

If at anytime you need to leave the evaluation before you have finished, you may click on the Course List or Logout buttons that appear at the top of each page. The next time you return to the website you will see a Continue button next to the course and the system will place you back on where you left off. You can hit the back button on any page to make modifications to questions already answered.  


Can I make a submission once an evaluation is closed?

No, once the deadline for the campus evaluation closes you are no longer able to complete your submission. There is no way to reopen the evaluation to allow additional submissions.

Will my responses be anonymous?

Yes, instructors will not be able to identify which responses to the evaluation are yours (as long as you do not provide any identifiable information about yourself). The Course Evaluation platform even has a threshold function that limits the reporting view for faculty if less than three students respond to the course evaluation.

How can I edit my responses?

After you have completed an evaluation, it will move to the “Submitted” section of your page. There will be a green Edit button available to make additional changes to your responses up until the administration closes.