Catherine Cory  portrait

Catherine Cory

Chair, History Department, and Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
M.A. St. John's University (Minnesota)
B.A. College of St. Teresa

JRC 411
(651) 962-5306
JRC 432
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105


Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
THEO 210 - M1 New Testament M - - - - - - 1700 - 2045 MHC 205

Days of Week:

M - - - - - -

Time of Day:

1700 - 2045


MHC 205

Course Registration Number:

40354 (View in ClassFinder)

Credit Hours:

4 Credit Hours


Catherine A. Cory

This course involves the student in an intensive historical, literary and theological reading of major portions of the New Testament in the Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts and from the perspective of modern methods of biblical interpretation. In addition, the course explores the New Testament as a foundational document for modern Christian traditions in the development of doctrine, in the expressions of worship and in the articulation of moral principles. Prerequisite: THEO 101

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Spring 2019 Courses
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