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Online courses are available for MS Office Suite and hundreds of other software and design programs .  Keep your proficiencies current as technology changes or simply learn a new skill.  Choose from a comprehensive library of thousands of video tutorials (includes business skills) by hundreds of different instructors.  These courses have been built for Mac, PC and Smartphone users.  Access the Online Training Library to get the one answer you need or feel comfortable enough to spend as much time as you would like within your access period to learn as much as you wish

Identify your training need, plan time in your schedule for the online instruction, and then request access. 

Browse by subject and see a short introduction.

Browse by software title and see a short introduction.

To access the Online Training Library send an email to  You will receive a registration email within 2 business days of your request.  If licenses are unavailable you will be notified of a waitlist.  Because of the limited number of licenses available, your access will expire in two weeks upon receipt of the registration email. 

Performance Management Instructional Videos and Webinars

The University rolled out a new online performance managment system in the Spring of 2017.

Blackboard Instructional Videos

Our learning management system software at UST is called Blackboard.  It is used by faculty and staff to deliver content and instruction via the web in the form of a Blackboard course.  Formal and informal organizations throughout the university use Blackboard for information sharing, collaboration and communication.  Instructional videos and help sheets are available for Blackboard.

Banner and Murphy Online Instructional Videos

Internet Native Banner is the university's system of record for employee, student, financial, and alumni information. 

Murphy Online is a self-service collection of tools that also access our Banner database.  Access to Banner is restricted to information you have a need to know for purposes of your duties or employment.  Access to the Banner Student Module requires training either in person or via online training videos and quizzes.

Electronic Timesheet Instructional Videos

The university uses an electronic timesheet system, called Workforce.  Instructional training videos to learn about the electronic timesheet system are available from the Payroll Department.

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