HR Report Request Form

Please complete and submit this form to the HR Data Management group to request a report, or file, of employee data.  Requests are completed on a first-come/first-served basis.  All requests require approval by the appropriate academic or administrative leader (i.e. EVP, VP, AVP, Dean) responsible for your area.  Once approved, please allow 7 to 10 days for the request to be prioritized and completed. 

When you submit the form below, and provide your UST email address in the space provided, you will receive a copy of the request via email.  That email should be forwarded to your academic or administrative leader for approval of the request.  The academic or administrative leader can notify the HR Data Management group of their approval of the request by sending, or forwarding, the email to the Human Resources-Systems inbox.

Processing of your request may be delayed if you submit incomplete information or if we do not receive an email from the leader responsible for your area indicating approval.  Please forward any documentation or samples that will be helpful in completing this request to the Human Resources-Systems inbox (electronic) or the Human Resources Department, attention HR Data Management, room AQU217 (hardcopy).

Be sure to enter your name, UST email address, and contact information on the form.  When you click the "Submit" button, the form will be sent to the HR Data Management group and a copy will be sent to the UST email address you entered on the form.

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