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The University of St. Thomas values faculty and staff as its most vital resource for advancing its mission and programs.  Through its total compensation program the University seeks to accomplish two primary goals: to attract, retain, and motivate a highly talented, diverse workforce and to encourage and reward workplace activities that support the University’s overall goals and objectives.

The University’s compensation philosophy is to pay salaries that attract, retain, and motivate a high-caliber diverse workforce while linking employee compensation with the University’s strategic goals and objectives.  The University considers internal equity and external market when designing pay practices.  Employee pay generally reflects the level of contribution to the University, recognizes quality performance, and encourages growth and development.

Payment Forms

Miscellaneous payments and non-base compensation forms can be used to pay staff and faculty for duties they perform beyond the regular responsibilities of their job.  Overload payments are paid to full-time faculty members for teaching courses beyond their regular course load.

Grades and Salary Ranges

The University of St. Thomas' compensation structure comprises eight (8) pay bands with corresponding salary ranges.  The salary ranges are determined through an ongoing comprehensive comparable labor market analysis.

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