Tuition Exchange Program

The University of St. Thomas offers a Tuition Exchange Scholarship program to eligible dependents of faculty and staff employees. The Tuition Exchange Program is a reciprocal educational scholarship program providing undergraduate scholarships to more than 600 public and private institutions, including baccalaureate/liberal arts colleges, doctoral research universities, specialized schools and community colleges. Scholarships are not fringe benefits; they are competitive awards. Approximately 6,000 scholarships are awarded annually, with amounts averaging about $24,000. Additional information about member colleges and universities can be found at  


The employee must be employed at St. Thomas for three or more consecutive years in a full-time (1.0 FTE) regular position.  The student must be a naturally born or adopted child or stepchild up to the age of 26.

Application Deadline

The application form is available on the HR website by May 1st of each year and must be completed and submitted to the HR Benefits Office by Septermber 15th of each year.  To apply, see Take Action on the right navigation menu.  For assistance in obtaining an application or to submit a paper application, please contact or the Benefits Office at 651-962-6520.

Scholarship Award Process and Limitations

Each year, St. Thomas offers a limited number of Tuition Exchange scholarships. When the number of applicants exceeds the number of awards available, selection is based on the results of a weighted lottery using the employee’s years of service as the criteria.  For example, if an employee has 15 years of service at St. Thomas, his or her name will be placed in the lottery drawing 15 times, while an employee with four years of service will have his or her name placed in the drawing four times. Applicants not selected through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list and contacted if a scholarship becomes available.                        

An applicant selected through the lottery will be certified as a Tuition Exchange Candidate with the member institution(s) listed on his or her application. The host school, in its sole discretion, determines if a scholarship will be awarded, the value of the scholarship (which must be at or above the minimum value established by the Tuition Exchange), and specific requirements, if any, to receive and maintain the scholarship.) Some host schools limit the number of Tuition Exchange scholarships provided to just a few new students each year.  Some host schools also give preference to new students.           

An eligible dependent who is awarded a Tuition Exchange scholarship will be re-certified each year for the scholarship for up to four consecutive years of full-time enrollment at the host school.

An employee with multiple dependents can have one dependent awarded a Tuition Exchange scholarship at a time. Applications for any additional dependents will not be accepted until the previously awarded dependent graduates or otherwise exits the program.  

Additional Information

See the Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the program or contact Human Resources at (651)962-6520 or