The Employee Handbook provides reference to guidelines, procedures, benefits, and general information pertinent to University of St. Thomas administrative employees.  "Administrative employees" include all employees with the exception of faculty, students, and temporary employees.  All administrative employees are responsible for accessing the employee handbook and for reading and complying with the contents therein.

The information in this employee handbook is in effect at the sole discretion of the university and it may be withdrawn or changed at any time with or without notice.  This employee handbook is not intended nor shall it be construed as a binding contract.  This handbook shall replace any previously distributed employee handbook.

All benefits summarized here are explained in greater detail in separate booklets and/or Summary Plan Descriptions, given to benefit eligible employees at the time of hire or benefit eligibility.  The information in the handbook is not intended to replace official Policies and Procedures, Plan Documents or Summary Plan Descriptions.  See the Benefits site for more information.

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