Resources for Legal Educators

The Holloran Center's mission is to help the next generation form professional identities with a moral core of service to and responsibility for others. One way we hope to accomplish this is by providing the scholarship and research to ground and inform teaching and learning practices. Our objectives within this section are twofold: One, to provide usable knowledge for law school educators searching for insights and ideas on the teaching and learning professionalism or professional formation in the law school classroom, and two, to provide information for administrators, managers, or researchers searching for approaches on measurement approaches in evaluating the effectiveness of law school programs or courses. To this end, we have cultivated a variety of resources to be used in the professions.


Professor Neil Hamilton, Director of the Holloran Center, has developed a ground-breaking template for law students to use throughout all three years of law school to be fully prepared to find employmnet upon gradutaion. His Roadmap: The Law Student's Guide to Preparing and Implementing a Successful Plan for Meaningful Employment is already in use at several law schools, with spectacular results -- both increased employmnet rates and elevated student understanding of the student's role and path in obtaining employment.


The Holloran Center supports innovative and interdisciplinary research on the formation of boh students and practicing professionals into ethical leaders in their communities. Papers, reports, and other publications are made available on thie site when possible.


The Holloran Center offers unique programming for academics and administrators across the professional higher education paradigm through summer workshops. Faculty and staff from around the country come together to talk about available research and resources on pedagogies to foster professional formation.

Additional Resources

In this sections you can find a variety of recommented resources such as assessments, blogs, teaching tools, etc. to help legal educators in forstering professional formation.

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