Holloran Research on Professional Formation

Promoting Student Self-Direction

Thirty Reflection Questions to Help Each Student Find Meaningful Employment and Develop an Integrated Professional Identity (Professional Formation) – Neil Hamilton and Jerry Organ (2016)

Leadership of Self: Each Student Taking Ownership Over Continuous Professional Development/Self-Directed Learning – Neil Hamilton (2018)

A Professional Formation/Professionalism Challenge: Many Students Need Help with Self-Directed Learning Concerning Their Professional Development Toward Excellence – Neil Hamilton (2015)

Each Law Student Must Take Increasing Ownership Over Professional Development During Law School – Neil Hamilton and Jerry Organ (2018)

Encouraging Each Student's Personal Responsibility for Core Competencies Including Professionalism – Neil Hamilton, Verna Monson, and Jerry Organ (2012)

Fostering a Fiduciary Mindset

Ethical Professional (Trans)Formation: Themes from Interviews About Professionalism with Exemplary Lawyers – Neil Hamilton and Verna Monson (2012)

Helping Each Law Student Develop Affirmative Evidence of Cross-Cultural Competency – Neil Hamilton and Jeff Maleska (2016)

Professional Formation/Professionalism's Foundation: Engaging Each Student's and Lawyer's Tradition on the Question 'What Are My Responsibilities to Others?' – Neil Hamilton, Madeline Coulter, and Marie Coulter (2016)

Internalizing a Fiduciary Mindset to Put the Client First – Neil Hamilton (2017)

Assessing Student Professional Development

Assessing Professionalism: Measuring Progress in the Formation of an Ethical Professional Identity – Neil Hamilton (2008)

Effectiveness Requires Listening: How to Assess and Improve Listening Skills – Neil Hamilton (2011)

Fostering and Assessing Law Student Teamwork and Team Leadership Skills – Neil Hamilton (2019)

Off-the-Shelf Formative Assessments to Help Each Student Develop Toward a Professional Formation/Ethical Professional Identity Learning Outcome of an Internalized Commitment to the Student's Own Professional Development – Neil Hamilton (2017)

Professional-Identity/Professional-Formation/Professionalism Learning Outcomes: What Can We Learn About Assessment From Medical Education? – Neil Hamilton (2017)

What Legal Education Can Learn from Medical Education About Competency-Based Learning Outcomes Including Those Related to Professional Formation (Professionalism) – Neil Hamilton and Sarah Schaefer (2015)

Formation-of-an-Ethical-Professional-Identity (Professionalism) Learning Outcomes and E-Portfolio Formative Assessments – Neil Hamilton (2017)

Miscellaneous Articles on Professional Development

Fostering Professionalism Through Mentoring – Neil Hamilton and Lisa Brabbit (2006)

Legal Education’s Ethical Challenge: Empirical Research on How Most Effectively to Foster Each Student’s Professional Formation (Professionalism) – Neil Hamilton and Verna Monson (2012)

Empirical Evidence that Legal Education Can Foster Student Professionalism/Professional Formation to Become an Effective Lawyer – Neil Hamilton, Verna Monson, and Jerry Organ (2013)

Fostering Professional Formation (Professionalism): Lessons from the Carnegie Foundation’s Five Studies on Educating Professionals – Neil Hamilton (2011)

The next Steps of a Formation-of-Student-Professional Identity Social Movement: Building Bridges Among the Three Key Stakeholders – Faculty and Staff, Students, and Legal Employers and Clients – Neil Hamilton (2017)

Connecting Prospective Law Students’ Goals to the Competencies that Clients and Legal Employers Need to Achieve More Competent Graduates and Stronger Applicant Pools and Employment Outcomes – Neil Hamilton (2019)