Big Data and Privacy: Navigating Benefits, Risks and Ethical Boundaries

Event hosted by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures and co-sponsored by the Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM




University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis Campus

Schulze Hall

The rapid emergence of “big data” has created many benefits and risks for businesses today. As data is collected, stored, analyzed, and deployed for various business purposes, it is particularly important to develop responsible data management policies that respect privacy concerns – as well as attending to the benefits that can flow from the smart use of data. Shifting understandings of what privacy means to different individuals and groups complicate what will be a persistent challenge. While data security is a pervasive challenge, headlined all too frequently, other key questions include: what information is collected, how and why is it collected, how is it used, when and how is it shared with other parties, and how long is data retained?

This CEBC program will explore trends, emerging developments, and important benefits, as well as risks in “big data” – particularly focusing on privacy concerns and best practices for responsible data management. Is there such a thing as privacy in this new data-driven era, and how can we understand and preserve it? Panelists will share their insights about developments and implications for business, health care and law.

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