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In its tenth year, the Holloran Center continues to focus on its mission to help the next generation form professional identities with a moral core of responsibility and service to others. The HolloranCenter's mission is to provide innovative interdiscipinary research, curriculum development, and programs focusing wholistically on the formation of both students and paracticing professional into ethical leaders in their communities.

William Sullivan, co-director of all five of the Carnegie Foundation's studies of higher education for the professions and co-author of EDUCATING LAWYERS: PREPARATION FOR THE PROFESSION OF LAW (2007), notes in a just-published article that:

"The Holloran Center, long a thought leader on the critical role of professional formation in the development of effective, service oriented lawyers, has responded to this disruption [of the markets for legal services] by several ground-breaking empirical studies that lay out the goals for positive innovation. They detail the competencies beginning lawyers need (including a foundation of an ethical professional identity) in order to succeed in this changing, much less stable professional environment."

News from the Holloran Center

Hank Shea
Holloran Center Senior Distinguished Fellow Hank Shea's article to be featured in the Star Tribune.
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Professor Organ article featured in August PD Quarterly
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Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions Jerry Organ Named #19 in list of Most Influential People in Legal Education 2016 from the National Jurist
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