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 A.  The Center's mission and Standard 302(b)'s accreditation change

            The Holloran Center's mission is to provide innovative interdisciplinary research, curriculum development, and programs focusing holistically on the formation of both law students and practicing professionals into ethical leaders in their communities. Since its founding in 2006, the Holloran Center has focused on this mission of helping the next generation of lawyers form professional identities grounded in a deep commitment of service to others. The Holloran Center is at the forefront of a growing national movement focused on greater intentionality in the professional formation of law students. 

            The Standard 303(b) and (c) accreditation changes approved by the ABA House of Delegates on February 14, 2022, are a major step forward for the national social movement. The new language is in bold type below.

            “Standard 303(b): A law school shall provide substantial opportunities to students for: (1) law clinics or field placement(s); (2) student participation in pro bono legal services, including law-related public service activities; and (3) the development of a professional identity.

            Interpretation 303-5: Professional identity focuses on what it means to be a lawyer and the special obligations lawyers have to their clients and society. The development of professional identity should involve an intentional exploration of the values, guiding principles, and well-being practices considered foundational to successful legal practice. Because developing a professional identity requires reflection and growth over time, students should have frequent opportunities for such development during each year of law school and in a variety of courses and co-curricular and professional development activities.”

            Standard 303(c): A law school shall provide training and education to law students on bias, cross-cultural competency, and racism.

            Interpretation 303-6: … the importance of cross-cultural competency to professionally responsible representation and the obligation of lawyers to promote a justice system that provides equal access and eliminates bias, discrimination, and racism in the law should be among the values and responsibilities of the legal profession to which students are introduced.”

            The Center’s goal is to help every law school take gradual and effective steps to foster each student’s growth to develop a professional identity.

B.  How to use this website

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