Welcome to the Holloran Center

The Holloran Center's mission is to provide innovative interdisciplinary research, curriculum development, and programs focusing holistically on the formation of both law students and practicing professionals into ethical leaders in their communities. Since its founding in 2006, the Holloran Center has focused on this mission of helping the next generation of lawyers form professional identities grounded in a deep commitment of service to others.

The Holloran Center is at the forefront of a growing national movement focused on greater intentionality in the professional formation of law students. The Holloran Center maintains an ever-expanding universe of resources for law school staff and faculty to take the next step in fostering the ethical professional identities of their students. These resources include the ROADMAP to Meaningful Employment, the Holloran Competency Milestones, and the Learning Outcomes and Professional Development Databases. Our hope is that they will be used to create pedagogical tools and assessment mechanisms and processes to support professional identity formation at law schools across the country.

Roadmap Book Cover

ROADMAP to Meaningful Employment

Professor Neil Hamilton has developed and published ROADMAP, a groundbreaking template for law students to use throughout all three years of law school as they prepare themselves to practice law and to find meaningful employment upon graduation. Drawing on the latest research, ROADMAP identifies the competencies desired by law firms, corporate legal departments, and governmental departments, that each student should be developing in his/her formative law school years. Click here to learn more.

Roadmap Book Cover - ROADMAP to Meaningful Employment