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Archaeology and History in Rome


Rome is a prime historical and archaeological center where we will explore history, art, architecture and the famous figures whose genius shaped Roman culture and politics. Rome is exciting! It is the largest archaeological site in the world and the physical and symbolic center of the Roman Empire. Prehistoric, republican, imperial, and early Christian remains are woven into the fabric of the modern city. Three millennia of continuous occupation have created a unique urban tapestry and “ museum without walls”, which offer a most direct experience of the human past. The material remains come to life in the rich documentary and literary evidence from the ancient period. The original settings of diverse ancient voices will help us analyze a long range of historical periods as well as particular political, social, religious and cultural issues in the imperial capital as once a living organism. We shall experience and understand the issues of urban archaeology, such as excavation, conservation and presentation for tourists and scholars. During the site visits to Ostia and Pompeii, we will further explore the complexities of Roman urban life and will account for the relevance of past experiences to our current issues. Students and faculty will work together, share interests and engage one another with insights and interpretations.

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Other Study Abroad Opportunities

People who shaped history lived at specific places and times. An amazing variety of opportunities are available for studying history where it happened. For example, Dr. Ivancica Schrunk, our specialist in historical archaeology, regularly takes history majors to fascinating archaeological sites overseas. In addition to this opportunity, the International Education Center offers UST students countless options for studying abroad. In the past, history majors/minors have attended programs such as:

  • Center for Cross-Cultural Studies – Seville, Spain
  • IES in Vienna, Austria - Loyola University: Rome
  • National University of Ireland -- Cork
  • National University of Ireland -- Galway
  • National University of Ireland – Maynooth
  • St. Louis University in Madrid - John Cabot University in Rome
  • University of Machester
  • American University in Cairo
  • AIFS in Rome
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Semester at Sea
  • HECUA in Scandinavia
  • HECUA in Ecuador
  • Sophia University in Japan
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • University of York, England
  • AIFS in Prague
  • Augsburg Center for Global Education in South Africa/Namibia

To explore these exciting options, visit the International Education Center's web page.