Welcome to the History Department!

We are committed to helping our students acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits of thinking necessary for the critical investigation and appreciation of history. Students who study history gain a better knowledge of their own and other people’s cultures and traditions. They also come to understand how major social, economic, political, religious and cultural changes over time impact our world today and set the stage for future developments.

To this end, the History Department offers an undergraduate major and minor and a wide variety of elective courses dealing with the principal periods and topics of American, European, and World history, as well as selected non-European/non-U.S. fields such as East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Atlantic world. Equally important, our history students learn the skills necessary to the discipline of history, including careful analysis and interpretation of historical evidence, evaluation of secondary materials, conducting research, crafting an argument, and supporting their argument with appropriate evidence.

The History Department also offers courses for students who are completing the Historical Studies component of the core curriculum. The learning objectives for these courses are: 

  1. To teach basic methods of historical inquiry and analysis of sources;

  2. To increase knowledge of the history of the modern world and its origins;

  3. To raise awareness of diversity within human history and the importance of intercultural learning;

  4. To address issues related to the professional ethics of historians and the ethical use of historical materials.

The organizing theme of courses that fulfill the Historical Studies component of the core curriculum is “Contact and Change,” which affords students an opportunity to examine two of the principal challenges facing historians: accounting for change, and understanding people and societies separated from us by space and time.

Our faculty is comprised of scholar-educators who take seriously their responsibility to help their students acquire the critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills necessary for professional and personal success. They maintain active research agendas in their areas of specialization and they mentor students to become successful researchers in their own right.

We invite you to explore our webpages and learn about the interesting and exciting happenings of the History Department.