Welcome to the Department of Health and Exercise Science

The core mission of the Department of Health and Exercise Science (HES) is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to promote healthy living for individuals and their communities.  Depending on which major students select, they will study the complex functions of the human body through an examination of its anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. They will learn about proper nutrition, allowing them to analyze the relationships between diet, bodily health, and available energy.  They will prepare to educate others about the importance of healthy lifestyles in a variety of venues: schools, workplaces, and the community at large.  Our curriculum offers numerous opportunities to put theory into practice through community-based learning, inquiry-based teaching, clinical experiences, internships, and student-faculty collaborative research.  Department faculty support the mission through outstanding teaching, mentorship, intellectual inquiry, research and service to the community and profession.

The university’s mission to advance the common good is fundamental to what HES does.   We strive to more fully understand the workings of the human body and encourage our community members to live healthier lives with proper nutrition, appropriate physical activity, and better mechanisms to cope with the stresses of a challenging world.

For information about the specifics of our programs, please visit our Majors & Minors page. For more information on our location and facilities, please visit the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex site.