Tuberculosis Screening

Tuberculosis Screening Requirement
In compliance with the United States Centers for Disease Control, the University of St. Thomas is to screen all new international students for tuberculosis (TB). This testing is coordinated through Health Services located in the Lower Level of Brady Residence Hall on the St. Paul campus.

Tuberculosis Screening Deadline

  • Spring Term:  the screening process must be complete by Wednesday, March 20, 2019, or a class registration hold will be placed on your records.  The hold cannot be removed until you have completed the Screening process. 

Tuberculosis Screening Process

See TB Screening Overview diagram.

Step 1: Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire

Complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire via myHealthPortal. 

Step 2: TB Screening Appointment

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the questions on the Questionnaire, a blood test is required.  Please schedule a TB Screening appointment.  Appointments can be made via myHealthPortal or by calling 651-962-6750.

Health Services will submit a claim for this test to the student’s health insurance company.  Any amount not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the student and will be placed on the student’s St. Thomas account.

Step 3TB Screening Test Results

Watch your St. Thomas email account for a notification from Health Services (subject:  "UST Health Services - New Secure Message").  This email will provide instructions on how to access your secure message.  The secure message will include test results and next steps, if needed.

If a chest x-ray is required (see TB Screening Overview), Health Services can help set up an appointment at a local x-ray facility.  The facility will submit a claim to the student's health insurance company.  Any amount not covered by the insurance company will be sent to the student's local address for payment.

In addition, an appointment with a health care provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) is required after x-ray results are available.  This appointment will also be submitted to the student’s health insurance company; the student is responsible for any amount not covered by insurance.

All health care information is confidential and will not be shared with others without your written consent.

Please contact Health Services at 651-962-6750 or