Selecting a Plan

As you shop the Marketplace, keep in mind:

  • Provider Network - The providers, clinics and hospitals a plan has contracted with to provide health care services.  Before selecting a plan, ensure the network includes the doctors you want to see and facilities you want to utilize.
  • Level of Coverage – Most health plans are categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Plan Benefit Levels are based on how much of the cost of care is paid by you and how much is paid by the plan.

In general, plans with higher premiums (Gold, Platinum) pay more of the cost when you receive care. Categories with lower premiums (Bronze, Silver) pay less of the cost when you receive care.

Plan Types and Benefit Level Information

  • Total Cost of Care - When comparing plans, keep in mind the total cost of care:  monthly premium payments plus out-of-pocket expenses.

The “premium” is the amount paid monthly to your insurance company, even if you don’t use medical services that month.  When you get care, your “out-of-pocket” expenses include the plan deductible and/or co-insurance/co-pay for the cost of care.

Total Cost of Health Care