Health Insurance Waiver Requirements and Instructions

Waiver Requirements

In order to waive the St. Thomas-sponsored health insurance plan your alternative policy must:

  • Be compliant with the Affordable Care Act
  • Be a U.S.-based insurance company with a U.S. claim address
  • Have active coverage through May 31, 2021
  • Provide Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage
    • This coverage provides for medically necessary evacuation to a medical facility and medically equipped flights to return home.  In the event of death, it covers the costs associated with returning the student’s body to his home country.

Note:  Only plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act will be considered for waiver.  Click here for a list of categories of health care services that health plans must cover to meet requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Waiver Deadlines

  • Spring Semester: February 28, 2021

Waiver Instructions

  • Go to
  • Select University of St. Thomas from the drop down
  • Select Waive Your School’s Insurance (left menu)
  • Select Waive Now (under “Hard Waiver Student Waiver Instructions”)
  • Enter your St. Thomas ID and Date of Birth to log in
  • Complete the Waiver form:
    • Enter Student Information
    • Enter Insurance Information
    • Sign form