Apps We Love:


Tracks your daily phone use and allows you to “block” applications for specific amounts of time to complete your tasks or enjoy time with others. Available for IOS and Android


Track your daily phone usage and set limits for yourself on how much you can use your phone each day. IOS only


Homi isn’t like most networking sites. Phil Xiao founded the company with the aim of helping students find mentors and build meaningful relationships with St. Thomas alumni.


I talked about the Pomodoro technique in one of the Tommies Unplugged blogs. This app can takes it to the next level. It blocks your access to the internet for a time you set on the devices you have it downloaded on. You can literally take yourself off the grid whenever you need to get some undistracted work done!


Headspace is a free mindfulness and meditation app. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and the daily lessons only take around 5 minutes. 


 Folding@home is a software developed by Dr. Vijay Pande at Stanford University to help determine the structures of proteins implicated in diseases like Alzheimer's and Cancer. Using the concept of distributive computing, Folding@home uses your computer's idle processes to run simulations when your computer is plugged in for charging while you sleep. For more information, check out the Tommies Unplugged page about Folding@home.


Helps you avoid the “bottomless bowl phenomenon”. You can store articles you want to read in the app so that you can read them later when time permits.


Think Nightshift for your iPhone, but for your Mac. The application changes the light settings of your screen based on the time of day to minimize the effects of blue light on your circadian rhythms.

Ad Block

Blocks many advertisements from appearing for Safari, Chrome, and Opera

Rescue Time

Tracks your Mac usage so you can better tell how you use your time on your computer


This Google Chrome extension allows you to set the amount of time you can spend per day on distracting websites. You can also “Go Nuclear” and block all web access for a given amount of time. The extension even makes it difficult for you to change your time limit settings by requiring you to perfectly fill out a long complex paragraph with 100% accuracy before you are allowed to edit your settings.

Pocket Points

Earn points that you can use to get discounts in stores around you when you keep your phone locked while you are on campus.