The nutrition team has focused its efforts on education and getting healthy food options more readily available to students. Each month, the Nutrition Team leads Grocery Trivia; students who attend these events can win a free bag of groceries by correctly answering questions related to nutrition and other wellness areas. Additionally, the Nutrition Team partners with the BrightSide Buyers Club to cohost Fruit of the Month, where students can get a free piece of fruit during Convo Hour. They also bring speakers to campus, such as Carrie Peterson, dietician for all Minnesota professional sports teams.



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Recipe Contest Winner - “Recipe for Disaster” Siracha Tofu

Frozen Coconut Banana on a Stick

German Potato Salad

Sweet Kale Salad

Tomates Farces (stuffed tomatoes)

Turkey & Kale Soup


Current Fruit of the Month: Mangos


Mango Facts and Easy Smoothie Recipe 

Past Fruit of the Month Handouts:

Mushroom Recipe

Five Ingredient Feast: Pear and Brie Panini

Oatmeal Pear Bars

Recipe - sweet potato chips

Sweet Potato/Yam Enchiladas

Healthy Candied Yams

Unstoppable Yams - Facts

Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Avocado Mac & Cheese and Avocado Brownie Recipes

Avocado Black Bean Quesadilla Recipe

Facts about Apples

Apple Recipes