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Tobacco and Vaping

‌St. Thomas prohibits the use, distribution, advertisement, promotion, marketing, and sale of tobacco and vaping products and tobacco- and vaping-related merchandise (including logo-containing items) at all St. Thomas-sponsored events and in and on all St. Thomas property, other than the exempted residencies, and regardless of the operating vendor. For resources regarding cessation, please contact Health Services.




Follow Stop @ Buzzed on Facebook.Stop @ Buzzed is a student-led campaign that strives to provide the tools and information needed to make smart decisions regarding alcohol. We do not encourage underage drinking, but we acknowledge that it does happen on college campuses. Our goal is to help students make informed decisions that keep the St. Thomas community safe and healthy.

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Our Favorite Apps to Stop @ Buzzed

IntelliDrink ($0.99): This app has profiles for both you and a friend so you can track drinks simultaneously. It will estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) on a graph while calculating absorption and retention of alcohol over time. It even gives you the option to have the app notify you when you reach a specific estimated BAC level.

BAC Alcohol Calculator (0.99): This interactive BAC calculator has more than 30 predefined beverages for users to choose from, but it also allows users to customize their drinks to match what they're actually imbibing.

R-U-Buzzed? (Free): This app allows users to enter their weight, gender, hours spent drinking, and amount of alcohol consumed. It'll display the words, "You're buzzed" if you're not sober enough to drive. It also has a GPS feature so users can locate a taxi in the area for a safe ride home.

While these apps are useful tools, remember that they only provide estimates of BAC level. BAC level can vary based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: drink strength, rate of alcohol consumption, age, gender, weight, fat/muscle content, metabolism, medications, and food consumed. Also, remember that the estimates are based on the information the users provide. Entering inaccurate or incomplete information will lead to inaccurate results.


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Stop @ Buzzed Disclaimer and Origins
Stop @ Buzzed does not encourage drinking. It is a student-led campaign acknowledging alcohol consumption on campus. The campaign originated from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.