Student Research

If you’re interested in graduate school, research experience is often a requirement for admission. Many faculty members across programs and majors are engaged in collaborative research involving students to discover better ways of promoting health and wellness in individuals and communities.  The following links provide details on opportunities within several departments for undergraduates to particpate in research.

You can apply for one of several research grants at St. Thomas.  The Young Scholars program funds student research with a St. Thomas professor during the summer, and the Collaborative Inquiry Grant funds student research during the spring semester.  If you are a first generation college student, or a student with U.S. military status, also consider applying for the Excel! Research Scholars Program. You can also conduct independent research as a biology or psychology elective, or volunteer in a professor's laboratory. 

There are many funded summer research programs in neuroscience and neuroscience-related fields for undergraduates.  These competitive Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs are funded through the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and through private corporations, and provide excellent opportunities to explore research as a career and work full-time in a professional environment.  Applications are usually due in winter or early spring for summer programs. 

Students are also encouraged to explore opportunities posted on the St. Thomas Career Development Center's website: