Committee Letters

The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) provides committee evaluation letters for students applying to osteopathic and/or allopathic medical schools.  Letters are available to currently enrolled degree-seeking students, as well as alumni who have completed their undergraduate degree within one year of the committee letter application deadline.  Please note:  Students enrolled in St. Thomas courses through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) program are not eligible for a committee letter.

The purpose of a committee letter is to highlight your background and accomplishments, centextualize any challenges you faced, and outline your overall preparation and motivation for pursing a career in medicine.

The committee letter is based on the student’s academic and disciplinary record, extracurricular activities, recommendations by three St. Thomas faculty members and a 45 minute panel interview.  Students typically interview during spring semester just prior to the summer they plan to submit their medical school application. To help prepare, students are encouraged to contact Career Development and schedule a mock interview.

Students planning to apply to medical school should email Michael Getty,, to express their interest in participating in the committee letter process. Please include your St. Thomas ID number and the year in which you hope to enter medical school in your message.  Upon verification of eligibility to receive a committee letter, students will receive further instructions along with access to the committee letter application.