Beyond the Prereqs

Related Health Professions Coursework

The following sample of courses either have a medical emphasis or explore important topics of concern to those in the health care field.  These courses, whether chosen as electives, or to fulfill core &/or minor requirements, would make great options for aspiring health professionals.

  •  ECON 324 Health Economics
  •  ECON 326 Industry Studies: Health
  •  ENGL 202 Texts in Conversation: Literature and Medicine (can be applied toward the Literature and Writing core requirement)
  •  ENTR 340 Social Entrepreneurship
  •  GEOG 350 Geography of Global Health 
  •  GEOL 161 Medical Geology
  •  Greek & Latin language courses (a study of Greek/Latin not only provides great insight into the history of our medical tradition, but can also help make the  multitude of medical terms rooted in these languages more transparent) 
  •  HLTH 310 Global Health 
  •  PHED 240 Medical Terminology (2 credits)
  •  PHIL 298 Topics: History and Philosophy of Medicine
  •  PHIL 354  Biomedical Ethics
  •  PSYC 121 Social Psychology
  •  PSYC 151 Cross-Cultural Psychology (fulfills the Human Diversity core requirement)
  •  PSYC 207 Drugs and Behavior
  •  PSYC 301 Psychopathology
  •  PSYC 365 Health Psychology
  •  SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology - Health
  •  SOCI 110 Social Problems
  •  STAT 310 Biostatistics
  •  THEO 420 Theology and the Biomedical Revolution (fulfills the 400-level THEO core requirement)
  •  THEO 434 Science and Christian Theology (fulfills the 400-level THEO core requirement)

In addition to the above on-campus courses, pre-health professions students are encouraged to consider the many diverse opportunities for study abroad while pursuing their undergraduate degree.