Each student's Enrollment Status Page in Murphy Online will indicate if a math placement exam is required. This is determined by ACT math subscores (if test scores were submitted in the admissions process) and the math requirements that are associated with specific academic majors. 

The MATH placement options at St. Thomas are 099, 101, 108, 111 or 113. Most of these numbers are associated with the math classes we offer. For example, a math placement of 108 will allow a student to take MATH 108 or any lower level math course. 

The exception to this explanation above is placement of MATH 099. A math placement of 099 means the student is required to build math skills before enrolling in a credit-bearing math course at St. Thomas. Students with MATH 099 placement can either take the math placement exam offered through the St. Thomas Math department (which includes review material and practice exams), or enroll in an 8-week 0-credit math preparation class(es) that will prepare students for appropriate credit-bearing math classes.

Here is a list of required math courses for all St. Thomas majors:Major Math Requirements

If a student's math placement is not as high as it needs to be (for example, the academic major requires Calculus (MATH 108, 109 and 113) but the math placement is MATH 101), or if a student did not submit ACT/SAT scores when applying to St. Thomas, the student will be instructed to take the math placement exam. The placement exam is especially helpful for students who have not submitted standardized test scores to St. Thomas or who have completed additional high school or college math classes since taking the ACT/SAT exam.

We can use your ACT or SAT test scores for placement purposes (even if you applied without a test score). If you'd like to provide a test score, you may do so by logging into the ACT or SAT websites and having your official scores sent to the University of St. Thomas, MN. Our ACT code is 2102 and our SAT code is 6110. If you have scores to send, please do so ASAP and no later than June 1.

If you are wondering if your official test scores are already on file or would like to discuss your test scores and their impact on the math placement process, you may reach out to your admissions counselor or contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@stthomas.edu or (651) 962-6150.

IMPORTANT: It will take a minimum of THREE (3) DAYS to complete the math placement exam. Students are required to complete two (2) practice exams prior to taking the official placement exam, and only one practice/official exam is permitted per day.

The Math Placement Website will help guide students you through the following steps: 

  1. Create your ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) account using the instructions found HERE.
  2. You are required to take two practice assessments and then the third assessment counts towards updating your math placement. 

A Student's initial English placement is based on a combination of ACT or SAT scores (if submitted through the Admissions process) and high school English courses. Possible placements are ENGL 110, 121 or 190.

  • Students with an ENGL 110 placement are invited to try to increase their score by taking an English placement exam. The English placement exam requires students to provide a written response to a question within a limited time. St. Thomas English faculty will review the writing samples to determine if a new/higher placement is appropriate.
  • Students who have ENGL 110 placement and anticipate English credit from any of the options below are not required to complete the English Placement exam.
    • A score of a 4 or higher on the AP Literature and Composition Exam (not Language and Composition)
    • A 4 or higher school on the higher-level International Baccalaureate English exam
    • PSEO or College in the Schools (CIS)
  • Students with English placement of 121 or 190 should plan to enroll in the English course placed.
  • Regardless of your English placement, students will be required to take one English course as part of the Literature & Writing area of the core curriculum. Students who are required to begin with ENGL 110 will complete two English courses.

All students will have access to the placement exams in the languages that are taught at St. Thomas: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. These links are on the Enrollment Status Page in Murphy Online.

  • Language Placement tests can only be taken once in a language.
  • Students bringing in college credit (College in the Schools, AP, PSEO credit) should NOT take the placement exam. Their earned credit will be the prerequisite for their appropriate language course at St. Thomas.
  • Students bringing in International Baccalaureate (IB) scores SHOULD take the placement test to determine their level of competency; they will receive academic credit for the level below their placement.
  • The Language & Culture area of the core curriculum allows a few different options for completion. The sequence numbers for all languages are 111, 112, 211. Note: Students who wish to major or minor in a language will complete courses beyond the 211 level of the language.
    • Option 1: Test into the 212 level of a language (or higher) and complete a language confirmation exam offered by the Modern & Classical Languages Department
    • Option 2: Test into the 211 level of a language and complete that level (one course) 
    • Option 3: Begin a new language and complete 111 and 112 (two courses) 
    • Option 4: Test into the 112 level of a language and complete 112 and 211 (two courses) 
  • No academic credit is awarded for language courses based on placement. For example, if a student places into SPAN 211, Intermediate Spanish (the third semester offered at St. Thomas), they will not receive credit for SPAN 111 and 112 (the courses earlier in the Spanish sequence at St. Thomas).

Special note about Spanish testing and enrollment:

SPAN 122 is a beginning level Spanish course developed for students with previous language experience. It begins with an accelerated review of SPAN 111 followed by material covered in SPAN 112. The course prepares students to communicate in Spanish in everyday situations at an elementary level of proficiency. It also introduces students to cultural products, practices and perspectives from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Cannot be taken if credit for SPAN 111 was received. Students who test into SPAN 122 will complete SPAN 122 and 112 to complete the Language & Culture requirement.

Arabic, Greek and Japanese placement tests can be scheduled with the coordinator or associate chair of that language. For information, please contact the Modern and Classical Languages (MCL) department at 651-962-5150, or visit the website.

Some students will be required to complete one or more Chemistry classes for their academic major. Students interested in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Exercise Science or Neuroscience majors, for example, will be required to complete the Chemistry placement exam.

  • In order to take the Chemistry placement exam, students must have a math placement of at least 108.
  • The Chemistry placement exam determines students' background and abilities in algebra, problem solving skills, and basic Chemistry concepts and places students in either CHEM 111: General Chemistry I, or CHEM 110: Introduction to Chemistry (a course that prepares students for CHEM 111), or CHEM 115: Accelerated General Chemistry.
  • To prepare for the Chemistry placement exam, students may wish to review a few concepts from previous math and chemistry classes, but students are not recommended to study for it. The test will determine how previous knowledge and content has prepared students for the Chemistry courses at St. Thomas.
  • Students who successfully complete MATH 006 and become eligible to take MATH 108 will be required to request activation of the Chemistry Placement Exam and permission of instructor to enroll in CHEM 110 or CHEM 111. Dr. Alan Gengenbach (geng6486@stthomas.edu) and Dr. Adam Dittmar (ditt7986@stthomas.edu) are the current contacts in the Chemistry department for questions and requests regarding the Chemistry Placement Exam.