Guide to Course Registration

This website provides information for first year students to prepare for Fall 2022 course registration. 

First-academic assignments at St. Thomas:

  • Complete the Registration Readiness module in the O&R Canvas Course. This module will guide students through the progression of important topics/tabs at the top of this home page.
  • Complete any necessary placement assessments by June 22, 2022.
  • Complete the Course Preference Form by June 22, 2022.

The Course Preference Form will help you organize important information about yourself for fall class registration. Students will register for fall classes during the O&R program. 

The Registration Readiness module and the Course Preference Form will lead students every step of the way!  

A St. Thomas Degree

To receive a bachelor’s degree from St. Thomas, students must successfully complete a minimum of 129 credits. Most classes are four credits each, and there are also some 1-2 credit courses. The 129 credits consist of:

  • 13-16 classes in the core curriculum (liberal arts foundational courses)
  • 9-16 classes in your academic major
  • Most students will have the option to take enhanced/elective courses, or may decide to complete a double major or minor.

Pyramid infographic outlining credits needed for core curriculum, major courses and enhanced courses.