Guide to Course Registration

This website provides all the information you'll need to prepare for Fall 2019 course registration at your Orientation & Registration (O&R) session.

Your first academic assignments at St. Thomas:

  • Complete the Registration Readiness Canvas Course. This course will guide you through a progression of the important topics/tabs at the top of this home page.
  • Complete the online Course Preference Form (accessible in Registration Readiness) by June 17, 2019.
  • Come to your O&R session with a list of potential classes to take for Fall 2019. The Course Preference Form will lead you every step of the way!

            See you at O&R!

A St. Thomas Degree

To receive a bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas, students must successfully complete a minimum of 132 credits. Most classes are four credits each, so to earn 132 credits students must take 33 courses. Within those 33 courses:

  • 13-16 classes will be in the core curriculum (liberal arts foundational courses)
  • 9-16 classes will be in your academic major
  • Most students will have the option to take elective courses, or some may decide to complete a minor or double major.

Major Electives