Master's Degrees:

Master of Science in Data Science [12 courses]

Prepares students to pursue careers in the emerging and high-growth fields of data science and big data. It combines in-depth understanding with hands-on skills, technologies, techniques, and analysis tools for data science. Graduates of this program will have the theoretical, practical, and comprehensive knowledge to manage and analyze large-scale, complex data to enable efficient data-driven discoveries and decisions.

Master of Science in Information Technology  [12 courses]

The M.S. degree in Information Technology (IT) prepares individuals to develop and support organizational IT infrastructure. Graduates of this program can apply the acquired skills and knowledge to advance their careers in IT architecture, strategic software business analysis planning, project portfolio and program management jobs.

Master of Science in Software Engineering [12 courses]

Focusing on current software engineering concepts and methodologies, the Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering provides an opportunity for scientific, technical and sophisticated commercial and large-scale systems software professionals to enhance their expertise. This program is the preferred track for software architects, designers, and developers.

Master of Science in Software Management [12 courses]

This program provides students with the most relevant, practical, and applicable knowledge available in software engineering and software management. With the appropriate mix of technical and business skills, graduates of the Master of Science in Software Management program can systematically analyze business situations and propose, plan, and manage software development strategies and efforts to fulfill organizational objectives.