Graduate Programs in Software (GPS) Center of Excellence for Big Data (CoE4BD)

Press Release

Our Center of Excellence supports

  • Research
    • Research opportunities for companies evaluating big data practices using the center's resources
    • Research opportunities for academic departments and interdisciplinary research
  • Education
    • Classes and seminars in tools and techniques being used for big data and reviews of research results worldwide
    • Shared learning space for students and faculty working in big data to compare results, assess skills, build teams, and evaluate toolkits
  • Best Practices
    • Clearinghouse for metrics, methodologies, and knowledge repositories related to big data
    • Reports to industry regarding practical application of big data tools, techniques, and best practices

The center includes the following faculty members

The group tweets from @CoE4BD  to bring attention to this growing research area, and to report results.  The members welcome interest from colleagues within the UST community, as well as from the broader Twin Cities technical community.

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Center of Excellence for Big Data: 

Big Data Projects

  • Chih Lai, PhD (GPS), Phan Vu (GPS Graduate Student): Mining Medical Patterns from Twitter and the National Library of Medicine
  • Chih Lai, PhD (GPS), Jayna Ditty, PhD (Biology), Michael Grahl (Biology Undergraduate Student): Investigating Circadian Rhythms in Chromosome Compaction using Image Pattern Recognition
  • Chih Lai, PhD (GPS), Medtronic: Movement Assessment
  • Brad Rubin, PhD (GPS), Jadin Jackson, PhD (Biology), Ashish Singh (GPS Graduate Student): Analyzing Rat Brain Neuronal Signals Using Hadoop/Hive