About Global Initiatives

Who We Are

The Office of Global Initiatives works to establish partnerships that will advance and internationalize our campus.  The University of St. Thomas, with domestic and international partners, work together for the advancement of globalizing higher education. Many of our partnerships were established over 30 years ago. Through them, students and faculty continue to participate in international business experiences and international educational studies on nearly every continent.

What We Do

We work with higher education institutions worldwide to create meaningful comprehensive programs for all students and faculty. Relationships with partner institutions provide everything from scholarships and faculty teaching exchanges to student exchanges, research collaboration, and program development –all essential elements in the well-being of our globalized university.

About Our Initiatives

We foster strategic global engagement through partnerships, research networks, and other collaborative activities between UST and institutional partners around the world.  Currently, we develop international agreements and contracts that will engender student visitors, faculty research, consulting projects, and program development with universities and businesses worldwide. Success in today’s world means becoming a global citizen. The Office of Global Initiatives offers experiences that build awareness and allow students to approach the 21st Century world ethically and thoughtfully. 

What We Offer

A current list of all agreements and programs that UST is involved in is available online for all to view and to explore for further ideas and projects. We work individually with faculty both here and abroad to develop programs that are of mutual benefit for all stakeholders and connect faculty with the appropriate affiliates abroad. Once an opportunity is conceived, there are series of forms and procedures that guide faculty through the process of review and approval. We also support opportunities for all members of our community to engage globally through civic engagement, internships, and service based projects.