Travel Risk Advisory Committee

The Travel Risk Advisory Committee (TRAC) is responsible for reviewing individual and group applications to travel to countries with a Level 3 or Level 4 U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory. Also, TRAC will recommend whether or not to suspend travel already underway in countries where a new Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory assigned or other safety concerns arise, such as natural disasters, pandemics, and wars or political disturbances. See the internal GLAS (required login) website for more information.

Committee recommendations are sent to the Executive Vice President/Provost for final review and decision making. The Executive Vice President/Provost’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

If an application is approved, it is done so based on conditions at the time of review. If the country is later assigned a higher level Travel Advisory or Health Notice, the proposal must be reconsidered. If the program repeats in subsequent years and the country remains under a Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory, the program must be re-approved. Moreover, in the event that additional program directors or individual students in the same or other departments seek to travel to the same country for which permission has been granted to another group or individual, they must submit proposals to the committee on their own. Approvals are granted only for particular individual students or groups. Subsequent cases will be considered singularly.  

Who Must Apply

The travel policy applies to all St. Thomas students and employees, whether travelling individually or in groups (study abroad, music ensemble, athletic team, VISION, student organization, etc.). Individual travelers are responsible for completing and submitting their own application. For groups, the program director or group leader is responsible for completing and submitting an application on behalf of all participants. Students with active academic and conduct holds are not allowed to participate in any off-campus program—as per the Office of Student Affairs.

Insurance Requirement

All employees leading student groups and all students traveling internationally must purchase CISI international health insurance, regardless of any other insurance coverage they may have. Students and employees who will travel in student groups and who complete international off-campus travel registration will automatically be enrolled and charges posted to their accounts. Employees traveling alone may opt to purchase CISI but are not required to do so. 

Financial Responsibility

St. Thomas assumes no responsibility for financial losses that might result from University Administrative decisions to (1) deny travel to countries with Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisories / Health Notices or (2) cancel programs, already underway, in countries for which Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisories / Health Notices are issued, or (3) as a result of students voluntarily withdrawing from approved programs in countries with active Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisories / Health Notices.  Also see Study Abroad cancellation policies.