Students working with the professor on sustainability projects.

The University of St. Thomas launched the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) as a strategic initiative in 2015.  The mission of OSI is to create opportunities for experiential, applied learning across undergraduate and graduate programs through the Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) and to facilitate the integration of sustainability across the curriculum to advance the common good.

‌Your financial support will create opportunities for learning and success on campus and in our neighborhoods.  In addition, in keeping with the goal of advancing  our common good, this process will equip graduates to carry the ideas and concepts out into the communities where they settle and serve.  

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"SCP has been essential in showing how our education ties in with the UST mission. This [Sustainable Communities Partnership] project has allowed us to analyze real-world data, collaborate with classmates, and present solutions to problems that affect real communities. We are applying skills we have cultivated in the classroom to projects that advance the common good."

Anna Kate Nolan, ECON 401 student