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The mission of the Study Abroad program at the University of St. Thomas is to promote international understanding, global citizenship, and cultural diversity here and beyond. The Office of Study Abroad/International Education Center provides integrated academic and intercultural off-campus learning experiences that foster personal growth and facilitate students’ ability to think critically, act wisely and work skillfully in the global community.‌

With almost 50% of the graduating class participating in an off-campus program during their undergraduate career, the University of St. Thomas has achieved a national ranking for supporting students in their endeavors to study abroad. St. Thomas Study Abroad offers a deep diversity in options – including destination and length – to meet the needs of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Those who have participated in the Study Abroad program at St. Thomas agree that it is an experience you never forget.  It broadens your perspective and gives you a better understanding of humanity. You can support these scholarships by giving to the
Sarah A. Stevenson Endowed Scholarship for International Studies Fund.

Students studying Wildlife Management in Kenya and Tanzania

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