Dougherty Family College

Dougherty Family College offers a rigorous associate's degree program for promising students who want to obtain a four-year degree, particularly those from diverse and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Students in the college are immersed in a supportive, structured environment. They gain workplace skills and experience through courses and paid internships. Many of the students are the first in their families to attend college. We prepare them to become sought-after professionals possessing well-developed characters.

Dougherty Family College, named after benefactors Mike and Kathy Dougherty, gives motivated students the opportunity to succeed and the support they need to pursue their dreams of becoming extraordinary leaders. Consider a gift to Dougherty Family College today.


“It's vital that the Dougherty Family College has both a strong academic focus and the support for students to be successful, with the confidence and skills to eventually graduate with a four-year degree.” – Dean Alvin Abraham



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