Dougherty Family College

The Dougherty Family College offers a rigorous two-year college program for promising students who want to obtain a four-year degree, yet face financial, academic and social obstacles in reaching that goal.

Students in the college are immersed in a supportive, structured environment. They gain workplace skills and experience through courses and paid internships. Many of the students come from high-financial-need situations and are the first in their families to attend college. We prepare them to become sought-after professionals possessing well-developed characters.

The Dougherty Family College gives motivated students the opportunity to succeed and the support they need to pursue their dreams of becoming extraordinary leaders. Consider a gift to the Dougherty Family College today.


“It's vital that the Dougherty Family College has both a strong academic focus and the support for students to be successful, with the confidence and skills to eventually graduate with a four-year degree.” – Dean Alvin Abraham



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