30-year reunion class of 1987

Support the Class of 1987 Scholarship‌

We hope you will come back to campus for Homecoming weekend Oct. 6-8, 2017 to see old friends! We also hope you’ll consider being part of the tradition of alumni supporting current and future Tommies. Whether you give to the Annual Fund, our class scholarship or another area on campus, all contributions count towards our class gift total. Know that gifts of ANY size make a difference. Together we can make a significant impact!


The table below shows the current level of giving for this fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.

 Class Giving
July 2017 - June 2018
Class members* 649
Donors 91
Participation rate 14.0% 
Total Giving $ 37,150

* Indicates the number of class members for whom we have valid contact information.

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Alumni provide critical resources to St. Thomas, and through their philanthropy, every year they show new students what it looks like to give back and pursue the common good. We gratefully acknowledge alumni who gave financial gifts last fiscal year in support of a St. Thomas education.

Superscript numerals indicate cumulative years of giving. * – Deceased | P – President’s Leadership Giving Society | F – Finn Legacy Society | M – Moskalik Loyalty Giving Society | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)


Gifts Raised: $101,582
Class Participation: 10.10%

$2,500 and Above
Ann H. (Husten) Folkman (10) P
Kim K. (Swetalla) Heim (23) P
Michael P. Kelly (13) P
Gerald B. Kissell (21) P M
Thomas H. McCarr (22) P M
John D. Schwab, M.D. (21) P
Annette M. (Curran) Vincent (8) P M
Dale G. Vincent Jr. (8) P M

$1,000 - $2,499
Sean M. Broderick (12) P
Amy K. (Kadow) Fafinski (14) P
Thomas M. Fafinski (14) P
Joseph P. Fox (13) P M
Bernard M. Gaytko Jr. (9) P
Rose Anne Hallgren (14) P F M
Carmen G. (Grow) Hippen (14) P M
Sally K. Hopkinson (16) P
Mary H. (Jasinski) Ippoliti (19) P M
Robert J. Lynch (23) P
Shelley M. Lynch (23) P
Michael J. Salmen (15) P M
Ann E. Sankovitz Gaytko (9) P
Daniel M. Schadegg (3) P
Kimberly A. Shillingstad (20) P M

$500 - $999  
Cynthia M. Bergum (16)
Daniel J. Byrne (6) M
Mary E. Conley (13)
Julie A. (Haggerty) Guggemos (14)
Mary K. (Fonfara) Lentsch (3)

$250 - $499
Mary P. (Sandvik) Anderson (22)
Lisa M. Burke (17)
Steven E. Challgren (13)
Matthew J. Dempsey (10) M
Thomas H. Faust (5)
Seanne M. Harris (20)
Louise B. (Brown) Immen (21)

Up to $249
Joseph C. Jansen (19)
Edward W. Kelly, M.D. (17)
Lisa J. Koelfgen-Faust (5)
Diane M. Krecek (15)
John S. Kupris (12) F
Kimberly A. (Lovasik) Palczynski (9) F M
Carol J. Peterfeso (10) M
Patrick J. Wolf, Ph.D. (21)
Steven A. Anderson (5)
Cynthia A. Applebaum (2)
Lawrence T. Benner (2)
Christine M. (Romaniak) Bentson (7) M
James P. Borgstrom (1)
Jeffery D. Brandeen (10)
Lori A. Buck Brown (10) M
Jane T. Busch (15) M
Mary K. (Chapman) Callahan (2)
Mary K. Carrell (7) M
James J. Casper (4)
Suzanne M. (Becker) Casper (4)
Mark L. Clarke (1)
Charles P. Coleman (8) M
Rev. Michael P. Eckley (4) M
Samuel B. Ekunseitan (4)
Jon B. Engeswick (8) M
Robert J. Evans (4) M
Tracey L. Evans (23) M
Julia P. (Pregont) Feely (18) M
Richard A. Feely (18) M
Angela S. (Steinert) Felknor (6)
Jean M. Ferguson (8) M
Steven J. Forster (15)
Paul J. Galles (16) M
Elizabeth A. (Laramy) Georgantones (3)
Thomas E. Grocott, C.F.A. (18)
Catherine B. (Bueltel) Hopen (7)
Mark E. Hunt (13)
Amy K. Ingalls (2)
Kristen M. (Sheehan) Jacobsen (11) F M
Diane M. (Pechacek) Johnson (12) M
Mary B. (Maczka) Kait (5)
Angela B. Keating, M.D. (2)
Tracy R. (Larson) Keith (21) M
Jeffrey T. Klosterman (16)
Susan A. Kolles (9) M
Dr. Brian E. Kruchoski (5)

Randall M. Kula (1)
Paul O. Larson (10)
Robert Lincoln (1)
Christine A. (Briscoe) Linthacum (10) M
Susan M. Loomis (17)
Richard A. Lorenz (12) M
Jeffrey R. Lyles (2)
Nance L. Mann (2)
Thomas S. Marchio (7) M
Laura K. (Rose) Masuda (15)
Joseph P. Meyer (18)
Sharon F. Miller (14) M
Carla J. Miller-Winiecki (5)
Karen R. Montour (1)
Shelagh E. More (1)
Diana L. Murcek (17) M
Kathryn A. (Hengel) Newcomb (9) M
Timothy J. Nickolay (5)
Mary V. (Anderson) Nowakowski (14)
Theresa L. Oestreich (20)
Brian H. Otting (23) M
Lance A. Peel (15)
Bradford J. Pfaff (9)
John J. Pozega III (2)
Susan B. Rafferty (3)
William J. Reed (15)
Paul M. Reifenberger (6)
Jacqueline M. Roehl (13) M
Sherri A. (Paulson) Roseen (15) M
Paul P. Rotzien (15)
Dana L. (Fyten) Schmidtbauer (5)
Ann Marie O. (Och) Schumacher (20)
Mary F. Schwartz (13)
Dr. Gregg D. Simonson (13) M
Donald O. Smith (3)
Jeffrey E. Strommen (1)
Janet Swedal (10)
Jennifer Sweetser (9) M
Thomas N. Teuber (19) M
Daniel B. Walker (3)
Richard J. Walsh (9)
John F. Weber (1)
Kevin J. Weber (4)
Michelle E. (Stone) Wilkendorf (5) M
Scott A. Yunker (18)