Crowdfunding at St. Thomas

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a special cause, project, team or initiative by using the personal networks of individuals to promote and ask for support. Sometimes referred to as "peer-to-peer" fundraising, this method relies on each person advancing the cause to their network of friends, who, in turn, promote it to their circle of friends.

At the University of St. Thomas, we are working with this method in order to find more efficient and effective ways of supporting special activities and causes.  Below is a link to the campaigns now under way.

St. Thomas Crowdfunding Directory

Social Media Guide to Crowdfunding

Success in a crowdfunding project is more than just the final tally of dollars and donors.  What is even more gratifying is the activity that is generated on social media. These efforts really are driven by social media interaction.

Be an Advocate:

Support St. Thomas by spreading the word through social media – in advance and during the campaign. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, or others, filling the social media channels with messages about your campaign gets the word out to those who will support your cause.

Keep things fun and positive:

  • Share photos of yourself in the context of the campaign
  • Tag St. Thomas classmates in your posts
  • Create messages about why you give back
  • Like, share or retweet other posts for broader awareness
  • Use a hash tag if your campaign has one

Create a Personal Plea:

A personal plea is a short video in which you explain why you support the campaign and encourage others to do the same. Personal Pleas are accessed from the Advocates tab of the campaign page. Additionally, when you create a Personal Plea, you receive a direct link to your Plea that you can share with your network. When someone makes a donation directly from your Plea, it will be noted on the Advocates tab along with any other Advocate stats that you have generated (clicks, donations, etc.).

Offer a Matching Donation:

You can motivate others to give by creating your own matching donation or challenge. Maybe you would like to give $1 for every donor who gives to the project up to $100. Matching gifts like this will really motivate others.

Offer a Challenge:

Another option is to set a goal for others which, when accomplished, will earn an extra donation. For example, maybe you have made your gift, but you notice the campaign has slowed down, you could offer an additional $100 if donors give a total of $1,000 before the end of the day. This is another great way to inspire others.

Thank you!

Thank you for everything you do for St. Thomas and for helping make your campaign a success.