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Support the Class of 1986 Scholarship

To make a gift to your class scholarship, use the form on this page.


The table below shows giving for Fiscal Year 2018, July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

 Class Giving
July 2017 - June 2018
Class members* 648
Donor 100
Participation rate 15.4% 
Total Giving $ 207,511

* Indicates the number of class members for whom we have valid contact information.

Our Class Scholarship

As part of reunion activities in past years, the class of 1986 endowed a scholarship that has since helped students to make the most of a wonderful opportunity to attend St. Thomas. Below is a note of gratitude from a recent recipient!

“At the close of my second year at St. Thomas, I am already looking forward to what the next year at St. Thomas holds. Your gift of the Class of 1986 Endowed Scholarship is truly appreciated, not only because of the financial assistance but because it is so encouraging to know that there is such a generous community supporting me and my peers. It is a shining example of the lengths that Tommies are willing to go to in order to ensure that the St. Thomas legacy rmains strong.

" . . . I am so proud to call myself a part of the University of St. Thomas family and I am confident that the education that I am receving today will allow me to someday contribute and give back to the St. Thomas community as you, the class of 1986, have done. It is so touching to begin my junior year knowing that there are so many people ready and willing to help me reach the finsh line."

Lauren ’17

As this endowed scholarship increases in size with additional annual contributions as well as investment income, more Tommies will benefit from the generosity of alumni of the class of 1986. Alumni know firsthand the value of a St. Thomas education, and the university's goal is to put that opportunity within reach for all academically qualified students. Reunion giving helps the effort!

Our scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Preference given to children of graduates from the class of 1986.
  • If no one meets the above criteria, the scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student.
  • Recipient(s) must demonstrate financial need.
  • The award from the scholarship is renewable, up to four years, provided that the recipient continues to fulfill the criteria for this scholarship and remains in good standing with the university.

The Class of 1986 Scholarship has a balance1 of $50,270.86 and has awarded $4,500 to three students in the last five years.

1Balance as of 7/1/2015. This scholarship is endowed.

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Alumni provide critical resources to St. Thomas, and through their philanthropy, every year they show new students what it looks like to give back and pursue the common good. We gratefully acknowledge alumni who gave financial gifts last fiscal year in support of a St. Thomas education.

Superscript numerals indicate cumulative years of giving. * – Deceased | P – President’s Leadership Giving Society | F – Finn Legacy Society | M – Moskalik Loyalty Giving Society | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)


Gifts Raised: $84,592
Class Participation: 11.57%

$2,500 and Above
Christopher D. Heim (23) P
Thomas C. Hense (16) P
Joseph F. Keller (10) P M
Rory J. O'Neill (12) P
Janelle M. (Grengs) Schulenberg (22) P F M
Mark A. Zesbaugh (16) P M

$1,000 - $2,499
Kathleen K. (Kegaly) Awad (18) P
Linda M. (Brick) Bannigan (20) P F M
Janine C. (Arnason) Braman (23) P M
Margaret M. (McNary) Corley (6) P
Susan M. Haines (8) P M
Thomas M. Haines (8) P M
William J. Hippen (14) P M
James B. Murphy (22) P
Melissa A. Murphy (22) P
Timothy S. Murphy (16) P M
Joseph P. Plante (26) P F M
Gretchen R. Rode (3) P M
Leonard J. Roskoski (17) P
Mary R. Zniewski Prokott (12) P M

$500 - $999
Gregory P. Anderson (1)
Christopher J. Dolan (3)
Neal E. Guggemos (14)
Mary F. Kaul-Hottinger (23) F M
Maureen A. Kucera-Walsh (17) F M
Annette T. Newsome (5) M
Mary C. Overby (26)
Daniel J. Pollard (13)
Marjorie T. (Tyrrell) Pollard (13)
Stephanie T. (Ernstrel) Rustad (6)
Thomas G. Sullivan (19) M
Charles H. Wiebe (5)

$250 - $499
Patricia P. Burns (6)
Philip A. Hoeppner (19) M
Thomas P. Immen, C.P.A. (21)

Randall E. Kahnke (16) M
Jeffrey T. Larson (7)
Mark A. Lenhart (17) M
Jeffrey A. Lund (11) M
Sara Ann G. Nesse (3) M
Rebecca L. Ribich (13)
Thomas F. Rolewicz Jr. (12) M
Theresa A. Thurmes (22)

Up to $249
David S. Anderson (3)
John W. Bazal (7) M
Mary Bazal (7) M
Colleen M. Boller (4)
Carol A. (Wolff) Burke (16) M
Jennifer M. (Schuh) Cassidy (13)
Dr. Richard R. Cooke II (10)
Christopher Coyne (13) M
Peter J. Curoe (18) M
Connie J. Davis (11)
Sharon M. Dedrick (21) M
Susan M. Downey (11) M
Michael R. Dressen (5)
Kerry E. Durkin (11)
Nancy T. Eggers (18)
Mary L. (Hasselman) English (11) M
Suzanne M. Fischer-Weedman (2)
Paul G. Foster (15)
Daniel P. Gallaher (11) M
James M. Grygleski (9) M
Anthony J. Hawk (4) M
Gregory J. Heimel (2)
Michael D. Henzler (11) M
Patricia A. (Mlynczak) Herber (11)
Denise M. Houle (1)
Bradley D. Jacobsen (11) F M
Dr. Elizabeth M. Jansen LeMire (12)
James W. Johnson (7)
Joseph L. Kapla, M.D. (8)
Jeffrey C. Kasimor (26)
Michelle M. (O'Connell) Kilroy (8)

Brett C. Kolles (9) M
Patricia J. Kowalke (8) M
Robert A. Kron (16)
Lisa M. Krueger (13) M
David W. Lage (5) M
Mark N. Larson (4)
Michael F. Lebens (13)
Marie C. Marchio (11)
Ann M. (Lawton) Marshall (7)
Daniel J. Marso (9)
Timothy G. McGrath (17) M
John M. McLaughlin (7)
Michael T. Mulligan (15) M
James A. Nagel (10)
Jack R. Negaard (19)
Richard P. O'Connell (10)
Rebecca M. O'Grady (5)
John M. O'Shaughnessy (22) M
Caroline L. (Choromanski) Partoll (19)
James J. Roehl (5)
James J. Rosno (16) M
Laurence J. Ryan (11)
William J. Schwebel (18)
Cynthia K. (Hennessy) Serratore (22)
Rev. Gerald J. Simonelli (11)
Maria T. Smith (1)
Shelli K. Stafford (8)
Peggy K. (Kelly) Stang (9) M
David J. Steveken Jr. (7)
Mark T. Steveken (4)
Susan T. (Langlais) Steveken (7)
Ann H. Stotts (14)
Timothy J. Sullivan (20) M
Teresa A. (Applegate) Tennis (13)
Carla P. Thomas (14)
Michel J. Tubbs (17)
Judy L. (Melin) Waldrep (9)
Julie A. Walton (3)
Mary J. (Klingbile) Wareham (20) M
Karla K. White (18) M
Sarah A. Williford (4)
Gay E. Zyvoloski (17)