FY17 Honor Roll Alum Stats

University of St. Thomas
2017 Honor Roll of Donors

Alumni provide critical resources to St. Thomas, and through their philanthropy, every year they show new students what it looks like to give back and pursue the common good. We gratefully acknowledge alumni who gave financial gifts last fiscal year in support of a St. Thomas education.

The university would not be where it is today without strong financial support at all levels from alumni. Here are the top 10 classes ranked by the percentage of alumni in each class who gave gifts last year.

1954 31.45%
1952 26.85%
1950 24.32%
1958 23.03%
1953 22.66%
1959 22.07%
1957 21.69%
1951 21.62%
1969 19.69%
1968 19.30%

Having newly started their lives beyond the Arches, young alumni (undergraduates of the last 10 years) are stretched in a number of ways – building their careers, starting their families, and giving back to their communities. St. Thomas is proud of its young alumni who gave a gift in support of future Tommies.

DonorsGifts Raised
1,060 $80,948

In addition, the university recognizes in a special way its newest alumni donors, members of the class of 2017, who gave gifts to St. Thomas during their final year as students. They exemplify the transformative impact that can be made by giving back at any stage of life, and the university is very grateful for their support.

DonorsGifts Raised
256 $2,565

Many alumni classes give generously to the university. Here are last year’s top 10 classes, in order of their total gifts raised to support to St. Thomas.

ClassGifts Raised
1966 $1,059,305
1975 $700,901
1985 $408,452
1967 $308,796
1983 $181,018
1979 $140,088
1980 $117,551
1987 $101,582
1958 $97,988
1986 $84,592

Tommie alumni come together to reminisce and have fun during the annual Homecoming-Reunion Celebration in the fall. Listed below are the classes who celebrated their 10-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-year reunions in the fall of 2016. We thank them for their generous spirit.

ClassGifts Raised
1966 $1,059,305
1976 $26,730
1986 $84,592
1996 $22,274
2006 $10,833

All statistics represent undergraduate alumni giving only.