President’s Leadership Giving Society

The President’s Leadership Giving Society was established in 1970 by Monsignor Terrence J. Murphy, then the president and later the first chancellor of St. Thomas, to recognize in a special way donors who contribute gifts of $1,000 or more in a given fiscal year. This group has come to account for a large percentage of the gift income for the university and their impact on students’ lives is greatly appreciated. We thank the members of the President’s Leadership Giving Society for their generosity and acknowledge their great dedication to St. Thomas.

* – Deceased | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

President's Leadership Giving Society – Archbishop John Ireland Circle
$100,000 and Above

Anonymous Donors (2)
Penny and Dr. Lee R. Anderson Sr.
Raymond L. and Mary L. Barton
Luigi and Colette N. Bernardi
Michael E. and Kathleen Dougherty
John and Geren Fauth
Dr. Eugene U. and Dr. Mary F. Frey
James P. Gearen
Mark W. and Debra Gregg
Stephen J. and Barbara K. Hemsley
John W. and Paula D. Kelly

Alvin E. and Mary Agnes McQuinn
Dr. John M. and Dr. Susan S. Morrison
Stephen P. and Jami K. Nachtsheim
William S. and Joanne V. Reiling
Patrick G. and Ann B. Ryan
T. Denny Sanford
Dr. Richard M. and Dr. Maureen G. (Moore) Schulze
Eugene V. Sitzmann
Brian D. and Kathleen Wenger
Dr. Ann L. Winblad

President's Leadership Giving Society – Msgr. Humphrey Moynihan Circle
$50,000 - $99,999

John N. and Rebecca H. Allen
Clifford I. and Nancy C. Anderson
Robert and Gloria V. Duoos
Ron L. and Alexis Fowler
Alfred A. and Brenda C. Iversen
Paul L. and Sarah Karon
Robert G. and Mary Jo Loftus

Virginia A. (Hubbard) Morris
Paul S. and Mary Ann Murphy
Laurence J. Niederhofer
Dr. Lawrence M. and Bonnie O'Shaughnessy
Joseph H. Ryan and Tracy L. Constable
Ruogu Wang

President's Leadership Giving Society – Msgr. James Shannon Circle
$25,000 - $49,999

Lisa S. and Richard E. Anderson
Brian J. and Jennifer A. Boyle
William M. and Geralyn Cannon
Richard and Carol Caruthers
Michael V. and Ann Ciresi
Thomas D. and Kristen Czarnecki
Thomas W. Dzik and Hannah McGraw Dzik
Vicki L. (Hamilton) and Sidney W. Emery Jr.
Timothy P. and Susan M. (Moskalik) Flynn
John P. Gillen
Emery N. Koenig

Harry G. McNeely Jr.
Jeff and Pamela Petersmeyer
John E. and Joyce E. Povolny
Betty L. Ritchie
Michael A. Schield
Robert J. and Anne Strachota
Annette M. (Curran) and Dale G. Vincent Jr.
Anthony A. and Rosemary Wiggins
Julie A. Woulfe

President's Leadership Giving Society – Msgr. Terrence Murphy Circle
$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous Donors (3)
Thomas J. and Amara Abood
Emilie Arel Scott and Donavin D. Scott
Scott and Julie Becker
Thomas L. and Susan H. Bisanz
Richard J. and Karen Braun
Francis J. Brennan
Richard P. Burlage
Winslow H. and Linda H. (Hallberg) Buxton
Sam L. and Mary E. Claassen
Alfred G. Colling
Evans E. Connelly Jr.
Jami Crivits Cardwell and Ronnie E. Cardwell II
Dr. Mark C. and Catherine N. Dienhart
Thomas P. Dolphin Sr. and Ellen C. Beecher
Charles E. and Mary Gail Dorn
Robert J. Dwyer Jr. and Diane Kanca
Thomas R. and Mary Ann Engel
Susan Engeleiter
Helen L. and Thomas P. Flynn, M.D.
Geoffrey C. and Kelly K. Gage
Mary and Philip J. Gelber, M.D.
Jackie A. and Christopher P. Gibney
Richard L. and Tamara Gill
Hugh H. and Evelyn C. Gleason
Patrick J. Gorman
Angela L. (Kane) and Christopher J. Haas
Daniel J. and Ruth Blong Haggerty
Jeremy D. and Tricia M. Hedberg
Christopher D. and Kim K. (Swetalla) Heim
Jack P. and Katharine N. Helms
John D. Herrick
Gretchen R. Holland
Bruce W. Hultgren, D.D.S.
Benjamin S. Jaffray
Robert F. and Gail L. Kane

Michael P. Kelly
Joseph J. and Teresa M. Lahti
Laurence F. and Jean Y. LeJeune
Michael G. Luger and Nancy J. Heim
Joseph R. and Katrina A. (Bjornlie) McCarney
Thomas H. and Sheila F. McCarr
Richard J. McDonald
The Hon. Diana E. Murphy
Richard H. and Nancy Nicholson
James R. and Pam Nolan
Dr. Shirley W. Pearl
Donald B. and Jean A. Regan
Risa and Stephen A. Rodemeyer, Ph.D.
Michael J. and Karen Ann Roe
Michael F. Rowan
John M. Scheffler and Nancy K. Smith
Michael V. and Catherine Schrock
Mark Schumacher
Peter X. and Sheel Seidler
Dr. Barbara W. Shank, Ph.D. and Richard D. Shank, M.D.
Brian P. and Kathleen D. Short
Harold J. and Sharon K. Slawik
M. Catherine and Gregory M. Stevens
Dr. Julie H. and Dr. Robert S. Sullivan
Leslie B. and Karen E. Suzukamo
Michael J. and Rebecca R. Thyken
Terri L. and Timothy N. Traudt
Donald A. and Dolores M. Traxler
Dr. Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik
Kathryn Vizas
Kristine M. and Ian Widmer
Carol F. (Frey) and Daniel T. Wolfe
Mark A. and Jodie (Troje) Zesbaugh
Robert J. Zettel

President's Leadership Giving Society – Fr. Dennis Dease Circle
$5,000 - $9,999

Jennifer and Pedro P. Ada III
Bernard P. and Cindy L. Aldrich
Todd R. and Allyson Aldrich
Michael J. and Virginia M. Baden
Erik M. and Whitney Barner
Eileen M. Baumgartner
Timothy Bohannon
Teresa B. (Rengstorf) Borzcik and W. Andrew Rabins
Kim J. and Rae A. Brenckman
Sarah A. Brenckman Leida and Dr. Johann K. Leida
Priscilla Brewster
Terrance J. and Shelley J. Brown
Dr. Krzysztof K. Burhardt
Gregory D. Cash
Loren L. and Marian C. Chamberlain
Norbert J. and Mary Ellen Conzemius
Dr. Rebecca A. and Edward L. Delahanty
John N. Dempsey, Ph.D.
Terrance R. and Susan M. Dolan
Gail J. Dorn and Steve M. Beddor
James C. and Joan Dowdle
Dennis J. and Mary T. (Reiners) Farrell
Ann H. (Husten) and Brian D. Folkman
Ryan R. Gallagher
Margaret A. George
Michael D. and Winnie Goettl
R. Jean Gray
George A. and Margaret Grieve
Katy Gross
BetteJayne B. and Louis A. Haak, Ph.D.
Charles A. and Carleen Haggerty
James D. and Joan Hardy
Timothy A. and Amy A. (Barrett Althauser) Haugen
Robert H. and Colleen (Quirk) Healy
John L. and Alvina A. (Feldman) Heller
Thomas C. Hense and Shari Stade
E. Brad Hinker
Armen Hitzemann
William K. and Ellen Hoeg
Michael J. and Tamara Hoffman
Kristine M. (Howell) and Shane W. Huether
Donald A. and Merodie A. Johnson
Joseph F. and Dawn D. Keller
Robert P. and Jean G. Kennedy
Mark A. and Kris A. Klos
Dr. Mary M. Koleski
Eileen M. Lach
Gino V. and Karen M. Lambo
Kelly M. (Peterson) Larmon
Brian J. and Jane N. (Nass) Lavin

Thomas A. and Sheila Letscher
Thomas F. Madison
Rev. John M. Malone
Keith A. Martinsen
Nancy A. (Kaufenberg) and Thomas J. Martinson
Bernard T. and Susan McCartan
Heather M. McElroy-Goerger and Dan Goerger
Michael J. and Julie McKenny
Michelle A. Miller
Jude A. Miller-Burke, Ph.D.
Sara J. Moore
Kristina M. (Barclay) and Patrick E. Morton
Joseph J. and Mary S. Mulvehill
John L. and Mary Ellen (McDonnell) Nemetz
Daniel S. Newman and Patrick Kozicky
Mark T. Nicklawske and Jennifer Moore
Rory J. and Rhonda A. (Scherping) O'Neill
Brad T. Palecek and Michael Korby
Ryan R. and Alyson M. Palmer
William F. Palzer
Michael D. and Mary C. Parizino
Gregory M. Petryszyn
Donald A. and Karen A. Powers
Nickolas and Judith M. Priadka
Gary B. and Susan H. Rappaport
William T. Reinick
Nancy N. and Oliver Rethlake
C. Rex and Ann M. Rice
David V. Rousseau, M.D. and Ann H. Fisher
Gail A. and Kevin H. Rowan
Patricia B. and Stephen J. Rowley, J.D.
Jonathan and Michelle S. Russell, Ph.D.
Carol M. and Hugh K. Schilling Jr.
Mark J. and Teresa Schoenfelder
Dennis K. and Vivian D. Siemer
Preston T. and Irena B. Simons
Anne M. Stocks
Dr. Peter J. and Marcie Stokman
James C. Taylor
Joanne Thomas
Annika L. Thompson
Christopher J. and Julie Trapp
William A. Udelhofen
Ronald D. and Kristine A. Ulbrich
Mark D. and Kim M. Vangsgard
Arnold M. and Anne L. Weimerskirch
Penny Wheeler, M.D. and The Hon. Margaret H. Chutich
Arthur W. and Connie White
Megan and Fred J. Williams III
Thomas A. and Rose M. Winkels
Mary E. (Asenbrenner) and William L. Zimmer

President's Leadership Giving Society – I.A. O'Shaughnessy Circle
$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Donors (2)
John G. and Julie R. (Revord) Adams
Thomas E. and Victoria L. (Smith) Ademite
Gary M. and Jean Allan Ales
Dr. Susan L. Alexander
Jeremy A. Alinder
Mary E. (Moehrle) and Rick L. Allen
Anthony L. and Susan F. Alleva
Gerald M. and Mary J. (Denault) Anderley
Ben Anderson
Benjamin B. Anderson
Gregory R. Anderson
Heidi S. and Brian P. Anderson
Mary Joy Anderson
Scott A. and Natalie C. Anderson
Donor SEW Anonymous
Karen M. and John F. Arnold
Kathleen K. (Kegaly) and Samuel A. Awad
Kristin L. Bailey
Kathleen M. and Jon Ballou
Margaret M. Bannigan
Lawrence S. and Cynthia A. Barnett
Dennis P. and Jerrice I. Barrett
Susan and Patrick J. Barrett, C.P.A.
Dr. Angeline Barretta-Herman and Dr. W. Randolph Herman
Diane E. Bauer
Christopher S. and Natalie Bauleke
Gerald F. Baumgartner, D.D.S.
John C. and Nicole C. (Woehrle) Beatty
Thomas R. Becker
Edward E. and Kathleen Benoe
Timothy M. and Anastasia M. (Larson) Benz
Dr. Richard H. and Dolores E. (Raquso) Berquist
Daniel R. and Dara R. (Krause) Bishop
Jonathan M. and Juliana L. Bixby
James A. Blaha and Catherine W. Skaret
Robert J. and Martha G. Blenkush
Edward J. and Mimi Bohrer
Dorothy J. and Jon H. Bosland, M.D.
Carole L. and Norlin Boyum
Janine C. (Arnason) and Thomas G. Braman
John H. and Susan M. Brannigan
Leo W. Braun
Lowell M. Braun
Gerald E. Breen Jr.
Gerald D. and Catherine C. Brennan
Steven Briggs
Sean M. and Deborah E. Broderick
Michael J. Brogowicz
Dr. Robert J. and Jacquelyn Brown
Dr. Jeanne G. Buckeye
Mary Lou and Allan B. Burdick
Thomas A. Burich
Paul G. Bussmann
Frances E. and Larry P. Butler, C.P.A.
Shawn P. and Renee D. Byrne
Mary E. (Nolde) and Thomas P. Callahan
Susan M. Campbell
Emily A. Carlson Hjelm and Jon Hjelm
Michael J. and Carol M. (Kratochvil) Carlson
James W. and Diane Carney
Benjamin C. and Molly Carpenter
Kyle M. Carpenter
John L. and Linda Carr
Thomas J. and Patrice M. Carroll
Kevin J. Cashman
Jon T. Cassady
Kevin P. and Deborah A. Cattoor
Charles E. and Mary J. Caturia
Michael and Mary M. Cebuhar
Patricia A. and Michael P. Cellitti, D.D.S.
Marcia S. (Stuart) and Col. Christopher S. Ceplecha, USAF (Ret.)
Robert M. Chauvin
Mark J. Christensen
Dr. Burton D. and Audrey K. Cohen
Arthur P. and Marilynn K. Coleman
Annette C. Conklin
Donald J. and Carmen A. Conlin
Cheryl G. and David P. Cook
Thomas F. and Margaret M. (McNary) Corley
William J. and Maureen Cosgriff
Daria and Owen F. Cosgrove Jr.
Rev. John F. Costello, S.J.
Dr. Joan K. and Stephen A. Costello
Sara J. and Patrick L. Cotter
John G. Crane Sr.
Dr. Jeffrey C. and Crystal L. (Dusich) Culhane, Ph.D.
Michael J. and Cecelia Cullen
Terry M. and Katherine M. (Eldredge) Cummings
Andrew H. and Megan B. (Shannon) Curoe
Betty J. Dahlberg
Bonnie J. (Heinen) Daly
Dr. Mary S. and Michael B. Daugherty
John G. Davidsen
Thomas F. and Jeanne I. Del Fiacco
Patrick J. and Kitty Delaney
Rory A. and Ane-Grethe Delaney
Trent M. DeMulling and Aimee A. (Alter) Demulling
M. Sgt. Denis J. Dickinson
Mary E. Dillon
Timothy J. Dillon
John H. and Mary Kay Dolan
Matthew D. and Victoria A. Donovan
Dr. George C. Dorsey Jr.
James A. and Sherry L. Douglas
Benjamin J. and Elizabeth A. (Franklin) Duffey
Christopher J. and Amie S. (Hawkins) DuFresne
Susan C. and John R. Dunlop
Mary E. and Steven A. Dunn
Timothy and Lynn Duoos
Daniel D. and Lynn M. Ehrlich
Mary Jo Eichler
Mary M. (Baumann) and Robert C. Emerson Jr.
Robert T. Endres
Donald E. and Kathy Engen
Jessica Etten
Ione R. and Col. Frank P. Fabro Jr.
Thomas M. and Amy K. (Kadow) Fafinski
Peter D. Farstad and Paul C. Mellblom
Eugene F. and Janet Faulhaber
Douglas J. and Gloria B. Faust
David W. and Laurie A. Feltault
Luz A. and James Fethers
Emily L. Fetsch
Timothy F. Fischer and AnneMarie Kaul
Dr. Thomas L. and Deborah J. (Nicholas) Fish
Georgia S. Fisher
J. Damon and Julie A. (Carlson) Fitzgerald
William T. and Denise M. (Wenger) Fitzgerald
Dr. Joseph C. and Mary H. Fitzharris
Jim Fitzhugh
Mike T. and Vicki Fitzmaurice
Patrick E. Flahaven
Mary K. Ford
Gerald H. Fornwald and Amber Cougle Fornwald
Joseph P. and Jody Fox
Michael J. Fratto Sr. and Jenifer Jirele
Robert R. and Katie E. Frederick
Sara E. Freund
George J. Frey
Stephen J. and Beverly J. Fritz
Mary J. Gaffney
Ronald F. and Martha Gagnon
Robert F. and Kristine T. Gallagher
Steven P. and Anne E. Gallagher
Rachel O. (Ortiz) and James J. Garber, M.D.
William G. and Gerri Gardner
John J. Garney
Frank I. Gaughan and Ann K. Murphy-Gaughan
Bernard M. Gaytko Jr. and Ann E. Sankovitz Gaytko
John W. Geelan Jr. and Megan J. Feeney
Sarah A. (Larson) and David R. Gette
Larry J. Gillespie
Dennis J. and Geraldine Ginther
Carolyn S. and Robert S. Goedken
Michael E. Gonyou
James C. and Sandra Gooley
Thomas and Pamela Goris
James E. Grau
Kevin M. and Erika L. (Engstrom) Green
Thomas E. and Joleen H. Greene
Peter W. and Carol J. Gribbin
Renee L. Griep
Christine P. and William C. Griffith Jr.
Douglas J. and Peggy K. Groebner
Lawrence A. Gruber Jr.
Peter J. and Kristin Grundman
Paul R. and Sheryl Gunderson
Marilyn M. and Ronald G. Gunther, Ph.D.
Wayne F. Haag
Marcus A. and Cheryl J. Hadaway
Thomas M. and Susan M. Haines
Thomas J. Haley Jr.
Thomas P. Hall
Leander J. and Rose Anne Hallgren
Neil W. and Jana U. Hamilton
Jo Ann (Hawkinson) Hanson
Richard C. Hardes
Dr. Thomas M. Harkcom and Tony Brenny
Debbie L. and John J. Harper III
Dr. Elizabeth F. and Edward F. Hasselman
Neil C. and Kristen A. (Schuebel) Hatfield
Steven C. and Joanne L. Hayden
Carol and The Hon. William J. Haynes Jr.
Gretchen H. and John D. Healy Jr.
Michael D. and Pat Heffron
Kenneth G. Heimbach Jr.
Kathleen and John R. Heitkamp Jr.
Jonathan R. Hellebuyck
Joanne H. Hense and Peter P. Honsa
Lisa C. (Christensen) and Timothy S. Herr
Patrick M. and Jeanne M. Hickey
Robert J. and Kay Hildreth
Lisa W. (Janicke) and Joseph Hinchliffe
Betsy Jo and James J. Hiniker III
Carmen G. (Grow) and William J. Hippen
Mark A. Hobson
Don J. and Dorothy A. Hodapp
Paul E. Hodapp
Brian L. and Sandra L. Hoffman
Michael N. and Mary Hoffman
Joe W. Hoovestol
David A. and Sally K. Hopkinson
Olivia K. and Jeffrey Hornig
David E. Hosford
James P. Howe
William F. and Michele A. Hren
Jesse P. Huber
Susan N. and Thomas W. Ingeman
Mary H. (Jasinski) and Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti, Ph.D.
Victoria L. Jacobson Brenner, J.D. and Peter C. Brenner
Thomas D. Jacobson
James M. and Joyce Jagodzinski
John F. Jandro
Gina D. Jensen
Gerald F. and Susan E. Jirsa
Joseph J. and Jessica L. Johnson
Mariette Johnson
John J. and Carol S. Joslin
Richard A. Juettner
Edward M. Kadletz
John M. and Maureen C. Kane
Steven J. and Kathryn A. Karel
Robert K. and Donna B. (Busch) Kasbohm
Dwain J. and Mary C. Kasel
Lawrence J. and Carolyn L. Keefe
Most Rev. Arthur L. Kennedy
Margaret M. Kennedy
Maureen A. and Thomas M. Kent IV
Robert E. Keppel
Peter R. and Ana M. King
Katherine E. and Eric M. Kirchner
Sally and Timothy Kisla
Michelle M. (Hense) and Daniel M. Klamm
Rodney A. and Mary Louise Klein
Kerry R. (Ryan) and Michael Klemm
Michael J. and Patricia Klos
Allyson E. and Peter Knudsen
Neil A. and Theresia M. Koepcke
Nicholas G. and Katie (Tobin) Kolnik
Roy J. and Carol R. Kraft
Sandra S. Krakowski
Wade E. and Kelly B. Kruse
Leonard J. and Maria T. (Trezise) Kujawa
Daniel F. and Theresa A. Kuplic
James A. Kurpius
Andre P. and Elizabeth L. (Lano) L'Heureux
Dr. Carol E. Lacey
Rose A. and Steven J. Lambros
Kathleen M. Lampi
Charles B. and Beverly Landguth
Dr. Karen M. and Daniel W. Lange
James C. LaPlant, Ph.D.
Colles B. and Dr. John E. Larkin Jr.
Dr. David M. and Virginia M. Larson
Mark V. Leners
Laura M. and Ted Leonard
Roxie Lewis
Rev. Ryan P. Lewis
Terry K. and Katherine K. Lewis
Jerry R. Licari
Jeffrey F. and Monica A. Liebl
Kristi and Chase M. Lieser II
James F. and Inge Logar
Joseph B. and Lesley A. Longval
Jason P. Lorfing
William J. and Pamela A. Lowe
William J. and Patricia A. Lucke

Michael L. Lunenschloss
Barbara A. Lynch
Barbara A. and Peter J. Lynch, M.D.
Shelley M. and Robert J. Lynch
Robert C. and Gayle Magee
Mary A. and William M. Mahony, M.D.
Robert M. and Pamela Mahowald
Rosa F. Malcka Miller
Eric L. Marhoun
Donald W. Martin
Patricia and Gregory G. Marzolf Sr.
Timothy M. McCarty
David and Wendy McDonell
Lynda M. McDonnell and Steven C. Brandt
Brian P. McEnaney
Michael K. McEnaney
Dennis J. and Barbara McFadden
Terrence P. McGinley
Richard J. and Ardelle M. (Nelson) McKenna
Dr. Christopher P. and Shylia McKinney
Matthew T. and Sara A. (Shipley) McLenighan
Dr. Pat F. and Mary A. Mentone
Kelly M. Meredith
Lynn M. and Cari R. Meredith
Daniel L. Meyer
James J. and Mary Meyer
Joseph S. and Jane Micallef
Elizabeth E. Michaelis, J.D.
Andrew D. and Rhonda R. Michaletz
Kevin P. and Connie L. Michels
Colin J. Mihm
John M. and Karen M. Miksich
Michael E. and Suzanne M. Milacnik
Dr. Timothy G. and Dr. Mary Z. Miley
Dr. John F. Militello, Ph.D. and Marilee A. Des Lauriers
George L. and Keiko Miller
Laura J. and Christopher Miller
Shelly A. and Ronald L. Miller
Dr. Donna H. and Timothy A. Milner
John E. and Germaine R. Minton
Lawrence H. and Cindy S. Mohr
Kathryn Moon
William I. Moon
Robert and Patty Moore
Shelly A. Moorman and Kevin J. Sweeney
Frank W. and Mary Joan Moran
Marilyn J. and Francis B. Morganti II
Paul D. and Jane H. Mortell
Kathryn J. and William K. Mosca Jr.
Michael J. and Lynda M. Moylan
Raymond H. and Eileen T. Muetzel
Yvonne C. and Joseph D. Mullen, Ph.D.
Michael J. and Catherine Mullin
Sheila Mullin-Manley
Thomas F. Mulrooney, M.D.
Timothy W. and Kathleen Murnane
Beth M. (Doyle) and Timothy S. Murphy
James B. and Melissa A. Murphy
Timothy M. and Joy A. (Dehn) Murphy
Joan M. and Robert A. Murray, Jr., M.D.
Paul W. Mussell and Cari L. Haaland
Terri H. and Jeffrey D. Naughtin
John A. and Holli Nesse
Kerri and Thomas Neville
Betty C. and Edmund J. Nightingale, Ph.D.
Dirk S. and Clara J. Nohre
Steven M. and Jennifer Noto
Lynette R. and Peter A. Nygaard Jr.
Howard V. O'Connell Jr.
Michael J. O'Donnell
Michael A. O'Halloran
Sheila O'Neill
Edward F. and Kathleen M. (Fleming) O'Rourke
Gary J. and Carol A. Obermiller
Robert P. Ochocki
Christopher R. and Pamela Ogren
Andrew R. and Katie A. Olecik
Jim Olsen and Carolyn J. Ganz
Darin B. and Vance K. Opperman
Dr. Ahmad and Ruth L. Orandi
John E. and Kathleen Orner
Julie A. Oseid, J.D. and Jeffrey W. Oseid, M.D.
Douglas W. Paul
Joseph E. and Sandra K. Paul
Patrick F. and Kathryn A. Pavelko
Julie L. (Melcher) and John R. Peirson
Charles G. and Nicole (Hanley) Perron
Robert P. and Molly A. Perry
Nancy A. (Heither) Peterson
Terrence J. Petra
Sheila C. and Robert F. Peyraud
Alex M. Pflepsen and Julia C. Terhaar
Jan M. and Janet J. Phillips
Joel H. Pitkin
Roger B. and Constance E. Plank
Joseph P. Plante and Eric J. Neumann
Frederick and Catherine A. Plessner
Dr. Richard G. and Mary Plumb
Dawn M. (Kosen) and Michael B. Plunkett, M.D.
Jerry L. and Mary Jo Pont
John C. Powell
Shannon E. Powell
Gerald P. and Mary M. Price
Henry A. Price
Dr. Wayne T. Prokott and Mary R. Zniewski Prokott
Renee A. Prola
Gregory J. and Michelle S. Pulles
Mollie M. (Mulheran) and Thomas J. Raih, M.D.
Ronald S. Rajcic
Alfred J. Rashid III
Jane F. and James R. Rasmussen
Sue A. Ravenscraft-Lynch, M.D. and David J. Lynch, M.D.
George W. Reardon
Patrick O. and Mary K. Regan
Joseph J. and Leslie (Nardine) Reichert
Robert M. and Ann M. Reid
John B. and Kathy S. Reinhart
Paul and Elise Reiser
Donald J. and Patricia J. Reller
Jeannette and Donald G. Ries, Ph.D.
John T. and Jeanine M. Riley
Kathleen S. and Leon E. Ring, Ph.D.
Sharon E. Roberg-Perez
Gretchen R. and Greg Rode
Marletta M. Rohwer
David L. Rolph
Mary B. Rosen
Leonard J. Roskoski
Kathleen S. (Smith) and Michael J. Ruhland
Timothy E. and Janet Rumon
Dudley Ryan
Edward F. and Kathleen (Collentine) Ryan
Mary C. Ryan
Clyde B. Rykken
Michael J. and Dina B. Salmen
Thomas J. and Gretchen Sankovitz
Paul W. and Mary R. Sauser
Henry J. and Margaret Savelkoul
Stephen B. and Chacke Scallen
Daniel M. and Rosemary C. (Albers) Schadegg
Beth K. and Robert P. Schafer Jr.
Dr. Elizabeth R. (Kaczynski) and The Hon. Patrick J. Schiltz
Larry L. and Suzann Schmid
Lawrence A. and Mary G. Schmidt
Jeremy P. and Sue Schneider
Kenneth A. and Virginia (Murphy) Schoen
Nancy J. Schons
Gary E. Schraut, M.D.
William C. Schroeder
Timothy J. and Theresa L. Schugel
Thomas W. Schultz and Ann G. Harvey
Debra L. Schulze and Eric S. Bennett
Roger W. Schumacher
Jacob A. and Rachel (Drevlow) Schunk
Ronald J. Schutz
Rev. Joseph Senger
Lou Anne (Coyle) and Timothy S. Sexton
Morris M. and Judith Sherman
Harold A. and Kimberly A. Shillingstad
William F. Shutte
Kelley M. and Jeffrey G. Siemon Jr.
John P. and Marla J. Simmet
Dr. Kathleen K. Simo
Gregory C. Sisk
Dr. David L. and Virginia Sjoquist
Monika and Jerome O. Slawik Jr.
Robert J. Small
Michael B. and Lynne A. Smeby
Mary L. and Clyde W. Smith, M.D.
Jeffrey D. and Susan S. Smith
Jeffrey J. and Jerene A. Smith
Jerome P. Smith, Ph.D.
Rev. Larry J. Snyder
Jonathan P. and Brooke Soldner
Fred M. Soucie
Charlotte K. St. Martin
Dr. Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell, Ph.D. and Wendy Stansbury-O'Donnell, M.D.
Gary P. and Dona M. Stanull
Stephen F. and Helen A. Stefely
Gregg W. and Denise E. Steinhafel
Kurt N. Stertz
Dr. Sarah A. Stevenson
William J. and Robin B. Stimac
Cherie E. Stofer
John R. Stone
Colleen Stoxen
Patrick J. and Tara Sullivan
Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson
Scott G. Swanson
David A. and Erin Sweet
John D. and Karen K. Tadich
Claire S. (Still) Tardy
Dr. John M. Tauer
Glen A. Taylor
Dorothy L. and Wayne H. Thalhuber, M.D.
Phillip J. and Jenna M. Theisen
Richard A. and Ann M. Thonet
Dr. Thomas L. Thul
Hal E. Tiffany Jr. and Jone M. Woodside-Tiffany
Barbara A. Tigan
Douglas V. and Susan Toavs
Debora A. and Joseph M. Tombers, M.D.
Catherine E. and Jeffrey G. Torborg
Steven C. Tourek
John C. and Bonnie G. Treacy
Stephen S. and Marcia L. Treichel
Charles J. Trepanier
Paul F. Tuckner
Kirk S. and Susan Vadnais
Patrice M. (Detlie) and Curtis G. Van Oort
Thomas A. and Joan M. (Beuning) Van Sloun
Joe Vandermark
Sharon E. (Walz) and Thomas C. Velin
Timothy A. and Kathy J. Verbrugge
Dr. Chelley M. Vician, Ph.D. and Dr. Larry R. Davis
Paul A. and Judith A. Vijums
R. Todd and Deidra G. Vingers
Mark F. Vitha, Ph.D. and Dr. Megan M. Mahoney-Vitha
Scott M. and Jessica Vogel
George R. and Shelby J. Vogrin
Richard H. and Susan J. Votel
Thomas F. and Barb Votel
Dr. Christopher S. Vye and Dr. Rebecca R. Swan
Dr. Kevin G. and Elsie Waddick
Dr. Lisa K. Waldner, Ph.D.
William R. and Judith A. Wallenta
William E. Walsh, M.D.
Kirk L. and Kate (Douglas) Walton
Bradley J. Walz and Mindy M. Dragisich
Werner K. and Natalie Wardin
Linda C. and William M. Wareham
Steven D. and Sara A. Warner
Henry E. Warren
Marcella F. Wartman
Matthew J. Waters
Dr. Donald H. Weinkauf and Holly G. Ledbetter
Alvin J. Welk and Donna Kaye-Welk
Rosalee F. Wermus
Shannon M. and Steve Whitaker
Joseph P. White and Jeanne A. Hannah-White
Julia B. Whitnah
Carol E. and David C. Wilkie
Gregg L. and Lisa M. (Klauss)* Willkom
Scott S. and Joyce T. Willman
George A. and Vicki K. Wilson
Tierney F. and Damian S. Wilson
Timothy E. Winn
Sarah A. and Mark Winston
Ronald T. and Marsha M. Woessner
Wayne J. and Mary Wolf
Susan L. and J. Terrence Wolkerstorfer
Robert E. and Carolyn A. (Self) Wollan
Gregory S. Wong
Kirtland and Nicole Woodhouse
Dr. Allan T. and Norma A. Worm
Joseph P. and Kellee Wren
Dr. Wendy N. Wyatt and Thomas Clasen
James A. Yale
Richard T. Yentsch
Kathleen R. and James H. Zavoral, M.D.
Michelle S. (Dalsin) and Fabian Zeller
Wayne P. Zetzman
Jeffrey M. Zicarelli
Daniel G. and Mary M. Ziegeler
Dr. Nancy H. Zingale and Dr. William H. Flanigan
Lyle L. and Elaine T. Zitzman
Patrick T. and Ali Zomer
Wayne A. and Kathleen J. Zuehlke

President's Leadership Giving Society – Young Alumni
In recognition of the critical importance of young alumni in leadership giving, recent undergraduate alumni can be part of the President’s Circle ($2,500-$4,999) level at the following giving levels:

1 – 3 years after graduation, $250
4 – 6 years after graduation, $500
7 – 10 years after graduation, $1,000

Erik M. and Whitney Barner
Garret J. Colao
Brendon J. Cullen
Michael P. Doyle
Eyo O. Ekpo
Hayley D. Estes
Emily L. Fetsch
Lucile M. and Daniel Foley
Ryan R. Gallagher
Carolyn S. and Robert S. Goedken
Katherine E. and Eric M. Kirchner
Brian H. Kjersten

Joseph T. Klamm
Daniel J. Konopaski
Angela K. Koppen
Zachary A. Lockner
Colin J. Mihm
Daniel S. Newman and Patrick Kozicky
Carol M. and Hugh K. Schilling Jr.
John T. Schuweiler Jr.
Jonathan P. and Brooke Soldner
Annika L. Thompson
Tierney F. and Damian S. Wilson
Jeffrey M. Zicarelli

President’s Leadership Giving Society – Estate Gifts
In gratitude to these donors for their generosity and estate provision to the university and realized in this fiscal year.

* – Deceased | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

Anonymous Donors* (2)
Kathleen Boyd*
Francis A. Callahan*
William C. Carroll*
James J. Crowley*
Bill C. Fox*
Thomas Frazier III* and Gail S. Frazier*
Richard P. Goblirsch, Ph.D.*
Dennis A. Gross*
William C. Herber*
Raymond A. Koleski*
Bruce A. Larson*
James F. Murphy*

Henry G. Nachtsheim*
Henry M. Neumann, Ph.D.*
Robert A. Ritchie*
Richard P. Ruhme* and Margaret C. Ruhme*
Catherine M. Ryan* and John P. Ryan, Ph.D.*
Diane J. Sachs*
Dr. Guy Schoenecker*
Rev. Msgr. Stanley J. Srnec*
William G. Stocks*
Alan J. Tennessen*
Lois M. Wallner*
Robert T. Wallner*
Warren C. Wasescha*

President’s Leadership Giving Society – Honorary Members

Thomas J. Bastasz
Jeffrey B. and Joan C. Berge
Edward J. Bik
Peter M. Butler
Kathryn H. Byrne
William C. Collins
Frederick H. Commers
James W. and Virginia M. Conway
James P. Coughlan
John F. Coughlan
Robert J. and Michelle G. Coughlan
T. William Coughlan
Rev. Dennis J. Dease
Daniel F. and Joan T. (Dorle) Dolan
Thomas E. and Betty Nell Dolan
William J. and Marilyn Dorn
Terence N. and Judith Doyle
David C. and Deborah L. Eggenberger
Robert B. Ferguson
Rev. John E. Forliti
Timothy D. and Teresa A. Foster
John G. and Sara Frenz
Barbara and Robert J. Gallivan Jr.
Maryellen C. (Coughlan) Gregoire
Mary- Angela Harper, Ph.D.
James T. and Anita E. Hidding
William E. Hidding
Robert J. and Marilyn F. Hiebeler
Quentin J. Hietpas
Thomas P. and Sarah Hietpas
Jack L. and Lana R. Hurley
Douglas W. Johnson, C.L.U., Ch.F.C.
Mary Lou (Crane) and James A. Keenan Jr.

John C. and Lois I. Kost
Monica and Thomas L. Krebsbach Jr.
P. Robert and A. Gwen Larson
Arthur P. and Deborah Leighton
James L. Martineau
Patrick F. and Colleen McGuire
Ronald F. Mirenda
Linda E. and Mark J. Mischke Sr.
Stephen C. and Mary S. Moosbrugger
William J. and Brenda Moosbrugger
Richard T. Nolan and Lin Criesi
Margaret S. Osterhoudt*
Kenneth R. and Elizabeth A. Petschel
Dennis M. and Talli Pierre
Mary M. Poston
Michael A. and Lynn M. Pregont
Michael F. Quance and Phyllis J. Armichardy
William E. and Sally I. Regan
Richard B. Rice and Nancy J. Wood
Thomas J. Salmen
Mary E. and Robert J. Satterstrom Sr.
Carolyn S. and Gary M. Scherer
Bernadine Sheehan*
Mark R. Sheehan
Marion D. Short
Kevin D. and Lisa K. Skule
Robert W. and Charlotte Snook
Janina M. Springer
Dr. Michael F. and Lori J. Sullivan
Thomas P. and Barbara A. Teresi
George M. and Jill C. Thaler
Clifford L. and Daisy Mae Whitehill


Erin M. Grieves
Dr. D. Thomas and Ruth A. King
Lawrence J. McGough