Past Parents

In addition to supporting their children financially throughout their college careers, many parents continue to make extra gifts to St. Thomas after their children have graduated. We salute the parents of past students who invest so generously in the university.

* – Deceased | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

Glen R. and Debbra L. Aalund
Tor H. and Kristine M. Aasheim
Aleksandr and Yelena Abramovich
Todd Adams
Michael A. and Deb Adducci
John R. Addy
Brenda Adelman
Charles and Marcia A. Agbor
Dr. Leslie G. Ahlers
Marie A. and Gene R. Aho
Judy A. and Daniel Akin
David S. and Megan M. Albright
Kelly Alexander
John N. and Rebecca H. Allen
Nancy Allen
Robert A. and Nancy Allender
Shelly L. Allmaras and Brian J. Schubloom
Cynthia L. and L. Peter Alt, M.D.
Irfan and Tabinda Altafullah
Donna M. Altepeter
Mary J. and Gerald M. Anderley
Eileen A. Anderson
Gary W. and Susan E. Anderson
James C. and Rita R. Anderson
Mary Joy Anderson
Michael L. and Renee H. Anderson
Dr. Philip H. Anderson
Richard B. and Brenda K. Anderson
Susan K. Anderson-Benson
Ann and Steven G. Andert
Ursula R. Andino
Timothy J. and Christine C. Andrea
Anoush and Elli Ansari
Pam Antilla
Traci K. Arends
Phyllis J. Armichardy and Michael F. Quance
Rosemary Armstrong
Rajinder and Bhupinder K. Arora
Elaine H. Ashpole
Doris M. and Grant M. Athmann
Edward T. and Jaculin J. Atkinson
Janice L. Aune and Neill J. O'Neill II
Christina Austin
Steve R. and Kathleen R. Austin
Aden A. Awil and Safia Abdullahi
Dr. Carole A. and Richard M. Bagley
Kevin J. and Teresa M. Baier
Mary A. and Gregory J. Bailey
Richard L. and Michelle R. Bailey
Pamela J. and Robert A. Baker
Scott H. and Mary Bakken
Kathleen A. and Donald Baklund
John G. and Florence L. Balluff
Carol and John T. Bannen
Margaret M. Bannigan
Amy L. and John A. Baregi
Gerald and Debbie Bark
Lawrence S. and Cynthia A. Barnett
Theresa A. Barry, Ph.D.
Susan E. and James G. Barutt
David L. and Susan M. Batdorf
Carolyn A. Bates
Ann L. and George Bateson
Patsy J. Bauer
Luann C. and Dale Baumann
Lisa M. Beach
Ross A. and Lynette M. Beard
Timothy J. and Theresa M. Beaulier
Stephen L. and Pamela J. Becher
Martha M. and Donald F. Becker
James M. and Maribeth A. Bedtke
Mark T. and Linda J. Behning
Donald V. and Nancy F. Bellmont
Robert E. and M. Karen Bellmont
Suzanne M. Bembridge
Gerald P. Bender
Loren and Mary Bendson
Wendy Benjamin
Pamela K. Bennett
Dean R. Benson
Peggy A. Berg
Ramona L. Berg
Carol A. Bergman
Jerome and Jolene Bergmann
Marilyn A. Bergmann
Patricia A. Berktold
Colette N. and Luigi Bernardi
Sonja M. and Judd D. Berthiaume Sr.
Jacqueline M. and Anthony Biljan
Barbara J. Bindgen
Daniel J. and Linda J. Bins
Daniel Bird
John and Patricia Black
Susan C. Blake-Lewis
Steve J. and Deborah K. Block
Edward J. and Connie J. Bloom
Robert and Lisa Blume
Mark J. and Julie Bodnar
Jerry W. Boettcher and Betty Schnettler
Michael P. Boie
Debra D. and Patrick Bombardo
Brett and Autumn Boos
Kathleen Borges Koetz
John and Alexandra L. Borstad
Robert J. and Anne Bothe
Oren W. and Kathleen C. Bottoms
Valerie J. and Brent D. Boyd
Joanne F. and Bruce Boyer
Donald and Judith M. Bradow
Rita and Steven A. Brandeen
Judith L. and James T. Brass
Stephen E. and Therese M. Brauer
Ehrich Braunschweig and Maureen A. Braunschwieg
Kim J. and Rae A. Brenckman
Jeffrey G. and Maureen A. Brenk
Dennis R. and Kathy S. Bresee
Scott D. and Jodi L. Brezniak
Sharon R. Bring
Robert W. and Judith L. Brooks
Douglas C. and Ann Marie Brown
Dr. Robert J. and Jacquelyn Brown
Jeffrey A. and Janice M. Brown
Colin S. Brownlow and Helen Goeden
Dr. Mark E. and Jean N. Bubak
Thomas W. and Paula J. Buchner
Dr. Jeanne G. Buckeye
John P. and Susan R. Buckley
William J. and Lynn Buckley
Stanley W. and Mary Etta Buhr
Maria G. and Brian E. Bullis
Marc and Tammy Bumgarner
Kathleen and Paul Burbach Jr.
Michael G. and Julie Burgart
Dr. John R. and Kathleen M. Buri
Joseph P. and Carol A. Burke
Rhea M. Burns
David A. and Mary C. Burrill
Michael A. and Donna F. Burt
Timothy and Nora Bush
Gail A. Butler
Joni L. and Barry W. Butzow
Charles and Mary K. Callahan
Michael T. and Mary Callahan
Thomas P. and Mary E. Callahan
Raymond J. and Mary Ann Campbell
Thomas F. and JoDee W. Canfield
William M. and Geralyn Cannon
Teresa M. and Samuel R. Cari
Harold L. and Donna M. Carlson
Patricia A. Carlson
Pablo Carrillo
Thomas J. and Patrice M. Carroll
Wade V. and Linda L. Carroll
Dorothy M. Carter*
Kathleen M. and David J. Carter
Joseph P. and Susan E. Casey
Jeremiah P. and Janice A. Cashman
Deborah A. and Kevin P. Cattoor
Michael and Mary M. Cebuhar
Donald R. and Mary G. Chapdelaine
Dr. Susan B. and Stephen J. Chaplin
Lori Charlier-Pollatz
Pennamma and Kurian G. Cherucheril
Robert T. and Barbara J. Chicos
Gale and Dr. Michael G. Chovanec, Ph.D.
Dr. C. Winston and Zora Chrislock
Gary C. and Barbara R. Christenson
Marianne F. and Owen L. Christiansen
Carl E. and Doris Christoffersen
Joseph and Lydia Citrowske
Sam L. and Mary E. Claassen
Carl Clarke
Joan A. and Kevin Cleereman
Stephen J. and Arlis Clennon
Margaret F. Cline
Janet K. and John A. Clymer
Mark A. and Tammy S. Coffey
Elaine A. Coglitore
Timothy D. and Roberta M. Cole
Thomas G. and Phyllis D. Colwell
Terry and Margie Commerford
Dennis J. and Janis M. Connealy
The Hon. John S. and Phebe L. Connolly
Stephen and Diane Connolly
Geralyn A. and Mark D. Conty
Brian and Christina M. Conway
Mary Ellen and Norbert J. Conzemius
Steven M. Cooley
Rachel Cooper
Steven P. and Katherine M. Cornelius
Stephen Corrigan and Lisa Delapa Corrigan
Michael R. and Jane G. Coryn
Mary B. and Mark J. Cotton
Thomas and Janet Craig
Joseph F. and Patricia A. Cronin
Raymond J. and Patricia J. Cronin
Kathleen M. and Duane S. Crosland
Odilon Cuate Briones and Maria Clara Ramirez Dominguez
Robert B. and Mary C. Cummins
James P. and Monica Curoe
Thomas D. and Kristen Czarnecki
Dale L. and Rita J. Daggett
Betty J. Dahlberg
Robert A. and Sheila J. Danielson
LeeAnn M. and Louis P. Danna Jr.
Dr. David R. Daugherty and Barbara Chamberlin Daugherty
Jeff C. and Karen E. Davidson
William E. and Kathleen A. Davies
Thomas and Ellen De Vries
Craig J. and Gloria D. DeBerg
Duane J. and Brenda R. DeBlieck
Barbara D. DeFoe
Jodie M. and Steven DeGrave
David and Ruth Denney
Michael J. and Mary J. Desmond
Jerry L. and Jane M. Detlie
Wendy A. and Donald J. Deutsch
Douglas D. and Theresa Diekmann
The Hon. Christopher J. and Peggy M. Dietzen
Ali and Cynthia A. Dikmen
Jamison J. Dillon
Laurie J. and Dan Dimond
Betty Nell and Thomas E. Dolan
Clara M. Dolan
Timothy P. and Debra B. Dolan
Tom and Brenda K. Dolan
Robert J. and Jodi A. Dondelinger
David and Lorri Donlin
Deborah S. and Michael J. Donnelly
Drew and Renee Donnelly
Thomas P. Donnelly
Richard J. and Mary Jane Doran
John P. Dotty
Mollie Dougherty and Tangu De Carbonnieres
James C. and Joan Dowdle
Patrick and Mary S. Doyle
Charlotte R. and A. Arthur Drenckhahn
Ann L. and W. Todd Dryer
Michael W. and Vicki A. Dubis
Russ Duehr and Mary S. Bach
Carol and Thomas W. Duffy
Elaine S. and Michael C. Duffy
Patrick and Kristin Duncanson
Mary E. and Steven A. Dunn
Robert and Gloria V. Duoos
Peggy J. and Luther J. Dykema
Deborah A. Earl
Stephen P. and Ann K. Earl
Dawn Ecker
Michael V. and Colleen M. Eckman
James Eddy
Michael E. and Rita Edmunds
Jerome and Vallerie Effertz
Susan M. and John V. Egan
Joann R. Ehlert
Violet D. and David M. Eichers
Mary Jo Eichler
Lori and Timothy A. Eiesland
Gregory A. and Lisa M. Eittreim
James F. and Mary E. Eldridge
Charles A. and Marlys M. Elliott
Courtney Ellis
Joanne H. and James D. Elmer II
Mary M. and Robert C. Emerson Jr.
William R. and Jacalyn Engelhardt
Thomas R. and Sharon A. Engels
Donald E. and Kathy Engen
Janet S. Engeswick
Jeffrey R. and Jill M. Erickson
Steve Erickson
John M. Ernst
Thomas and Mary Ernst
David and Heidi S. Erspamer
Jeff and Deb Eversman
Donald P. and Nancy S. Evertz
Steven and Kathleen Eyer
Karen Eystad
Christopher J. and Susanne Fahey
Donald D. Falaas
Thomas H. and Florence F. Farnham
Mitchell J. and Jeanne L. Farrell
Michael W. and Cynthia A. Fatland
Gloria B. and Douglas J. Faust
Scott W. and Susan P. Faust
Glen and Mary R. Feyereisn
Joanne M. Fields
David and Tara Finch
James E. and Shirley A. Fischer
James H. and Jennifer L. Fischer
Judy H. and John R. Fischer
Kimberly and Eric Fischer
Martin L. Fischer, Ph.D. and Mary K. O'Connell Fischer
Peter W. and Suzanne R. Fischer, P.A.
Paul D. Fish and Kandise D. Garrison
Rand and Cyndi Fisher
Dr. Richard P. and Debra A. Fisher
Jack B. and Amy C. Fistler
David S. FitzGerald
Mary K. and John J. Fitzpatrick, M.D.
Kathy Flack
Michael K. and Lois Fleming
Timothy M. and Ann K. Fleming
Scott and Susan Flood
Scott J. and Susan R. Follese
Steven C. and Anne R. Forslund
John W. and Louise Fort
Richard B. and Mary V. Fosmer
Joyce Foss
Kenneth and Jayne Fowler
Margaret R. Fox
Cathy and Brian E. Foy
William J. and Mary H. Francis
Bruce M. and Christine R. Frank
John A. and Rosanne M. Fratzke
Robert R. and Katie E. Frederick
Mary R. and Conrad I. Freeberg
Dr. Daniel H. and Carol A. Frenning
Gerald and Linda F. Frericks
Dr. Mary F. and Dr. Eugene U. Frey
Joseph M. and Nadine M. Friederichs
Kathleen M. Friedman
Eugene and JoEllen R. Friedrichsen
Bruce N. and Margaret L. Friefeld
Daniel J. Friendshuh
Lloyd W. and Deloris F. Friske
Barbara J. Fritsch
Donald K. and Kathleen M. Fry
Mary J. Gaffney
Martha and Ronald F. Gagnon
Robert F. and Kristine T. Gallagher
Thomas J. and Dorothy N. Gallagher
Curt and Dawn R. Galloway
Anne and Peter F. Gamber
Teresa K. and Jerome A. Ganser Jr.
Michael J. and Laurie J. Gargulak
Edward M. and Joan E. Gartner
Michael T. and Peggy L. Gehlen
Jeffrey and Janet Gehlhar
Donnell H. and Sheila Geib
Jack P. and Dorothy W. Gesino
John E. and M. Anne Gherty
Thomas J. and MaeVerine Gibbons
Jeff and Katie Gideon
Martin J. and Shelli J. Gilbert
Kirk E. Gill and Jennie A. Wilson
James A. and Marcia K. Gilman
Jane K. and Richard L. Giovannetti
Roger L. Goblirsch and Catherine A. Goberlirsch
Richard P. and Gloria A. Gogola
Peter and Nancy A. Gomez
Christopher J. and Norah P. Gondeck
Kathleen M. Goodwin
Morris L. Goodwin Jr. and Donna Lindsay-Goodwin
Dr. Barbara A. Gorski and Steven K. Aamodt
Raymond R. Gosselin
Mary W. and Richard J. Gould
Debbie Graven
John and Kathleen T. Gray
Richard and Donna M. Greeman
Karen N. and Ronald G. Green
Robert L. and Sharron F. Green
Debra and Mark W. Gregg
Douglas A. and Anne E. Greif
Christine P. and William C. Griffith Jr.
Valerie L. Grigsby
Theanna R. and Gary W. Grivna
Paul L. and Janice Grizzell
James T. and Annmarie Gross
Debbie K. and Daniel F. Grossman
Sandra A. Groth
Charles Grothaus
Jeannie Guerrero
Thomas J. and Mary Guion
Troy and Neva Gullickson
Susan and Michael L. Gustafson
Robert L. and Antonia G. Gutierrez
Robert P. and Kelly Haag
James W. and Patricia Haas
Marcus A. and Cheryl J. Hadaway
Deanna G. and James Haemmerle, M.D.
Cynthia R. and Mark J. Haertzen
Diane M. and Anthony J. Haider
Dr. John P. Halfen and Kris H. Davick-Halfen
Corky and Lori Hall
Guy A. and Jean Hamilton
David L. and Linda L. Hamrick
Patrick W. and Laurie A. Hanlon
Thomas J. and Therese Hannah
Dr. Jan B. and Stephen C. Hansen
Gregg W. and Linda C. Hanson
Reed and Jill Hanson

Karen M. Harper
Lawrence F. and Susan Harr
Kathleen T. and Michael J. Harrington
Phillip R. and Janice M. Harrington
Richard E. and Carolyn A. Hasselman
Julie A. Haugen
Dr. J. Eileen and Charles R. Haugh
Joseph A. and Marie-Celeste H. Hauser
Matthew Hausken
Timothy Q. and Rebecca A. Hawkins
Steven C. and Joanne L. Hayden
Thomas L. and Patricia M. Hayes
Thomas R. and Jean A. Head
Steven J. and Patricia M. Healy
Jeffrey and Lucy Heegaard
Dr. Steven M. and Andrea W. Heifetz
Jane and Mike Heinks
James M. and Suzanne H. Heinle
Brett W. and Terryl A. Heinlein
Cynthia M. and Scott Hemmer
Kristine A. Henriksen and Barry Edward
Joanne H. Hense and Peter P. Honsa
Arvid L. and Barbara A. Herigstad
Wayne and Jane Hermann
Richard M. and Anne D. Hessler
John Heyer and Colleen Conway
Jeanne M. and Patrick M. Hickey
Anne Hietikko
Jeffrey T. and Diane M. Higgins
Kathleen J. Higgins Victor and Robert P. Victor
John J. and Dianne C. Hilger
Jerry R. and Karen L. Hilliard
Michael A. and Susan Himes
Steven W. and Denise M. Hiveley
Bernard C. and Mitzi J. Hlavac
Don J. and Dorothy A. Hodapp
William K. and Ellen Hoeg
Celeste M. and Roger E. Hofer, M.D.
Colleen M. and Patrick C. Hoffman
Galina S. and G. Daniel Hoffmann
Thomas E. and Patricia M. Holloran
Francois R. and Tami Holmberg
David Holmes
James C. and Jill T. Holmes
Thomas F. and Mary Holton
Larry J. and Wanda L. Holzer
Virginia H. and David S. Hoogesteger
Susan R. Horan
Martin B. Horns
Neil J. and Monica J. Houtler
Joey and Sheila C. Howell
Thomas and Lucy Huhn
Bruce W. Hultgren, D.D.S.
Alan W. and Karen Hupp
Ward and Jolene M. Huston
Scott A. and Cindy Hutchins
Terilynn J. and Michael J. Hutton
James Idzorek
Susan N. and Thomas W. Ingeman
Jerald A. and Carol Ingvalson
Gregory and Jan Isaacson
John C. and Dorothy O. Jabour
Therese L. Jackson
Mary J. Jacobowski
Jay and Cindy Jadlowski
Richard W. and Lisa Jahnke
James L. and Jean H. Jansen
Scott and Katherine Janssen
William Jaques and Darlene Brister
Todd and Janine A. Jasmin
Susan D. Jebens
Constance C. and Greg Jeffrey
Earl K. and Joanne M. Jensen
Stephen C. Jensen
John and Andrea Jeries
Mary C. and Donald L. John
Danny T. and Perihan K. Johnsen
Angelo and Diane M. Johnson
Bruce D. and Barbara R. Johnson
Bryan and Sherry Johnson
Clayton S. Johnson
Don N. Johnson
Gregg H. Johnson
James M. and Nancy J. Johnson
Jeffrey J. and Mary Johnson
Lowell R. and Beverly H. Johnson
Mariette Johnson
Mark O. and Barbara B. Johnson
Mary E. Johnson
Michael M. and Lisa M. Johnson
Dr. Robert G. and Elizabeth G. Johnson
Scott and Jodie Johnson
Steven C. and Debra J. Johnson
Warren and Stacy Johnson
Eric C. and Mary E. Jones
Jeffrey D. and Suzann Jones
Kenneth E. Jones and Marsha K. Neitz-Jones
Serisa L. Jones
John J. and Carol S. Joslin
Apolinar and Lori Jovellana
Tracy Juell
Jenny Juneau-Phillips
Eileen A. Kaczmarek
Brad A. and Denise Kaehler
Mary K. Kaess
Mark F. Kahle
John S. and Barbara J. Kaiser
Anne V. and James A. Kane
JoAnn S. and David H. Kane
Michael J. and Patricia A. Kane
Robert F. and Gail L. Kane
Sean A. and Jen Kane
Dwayne B. and Susan Kanne
Gerald E. and Barbara J. Kaplan
Gregory D. and Susan M. Kapraun
Kathryn Karls
Dwain J. and Mary C. Kasel
Dr. Elmer H. and Anne L. Kasperson
Kevin M. and Lori L. Keating
Mary S. Keating
Sheila J. and Patrick Keenan
Barbara F. and Charles J. Keffer, Ph.D.
Bruce W. and Theresa Keller
Frederick J. and Peggy S. Keller
Marie T. Kelliher
Colleen M. Kelly
Paula D. and John W. Kelly
Dr. Robert G. and Barbara J. Kennedy
Robert P. and Jean G. Kennedy
Jill A. and Paul L. Kent Jr.
Robert E. Keppel
Lorrie E. and Frederick E. Keup
Keith and Karyn Kienholz
Andrea K. Kier
Gregory R. Kier
Dennis J. and Kathryn A. Kieta
Julie A. and Michael T. Kimlinger
Paul and Joan Kindelspire
Dennis and Rosemary King
Douglas S. and Kathryn King
Jeff D. King and Dawn Switala-King
Vincent R. and Jean M. Kinney
Mary Jean Kirkland
Lisa S. and Gerald B. Kissell
Daniel M. and Michelle M. Klamm
Richard J. and Ann M. Klein
Frederic S. and Adele J. Klietz
Tab D. and Brenda Klimstra
Donald J. and Carol M. Kluk
Gerald C. and Becky Knickerbocker
Heidi D. Knight
James L. and Kathleen M. Knopick
Irene Knott
Allyson E. and Peter Knudsen
Dale L. and Toniann Knutson
Scott N. and Teri J. Kohler
Marjorie T. Kolar
Steven and Loreen M. Koneczny
Michael P. Koopmeiners, M.D.
Robert A. and Mary Koppinger
Joseph J. Koteles
Edward and Michele Koth
Roy J. and Carol R. Kraft
Paul D. and Nancy L. Kralovec
Thomas and Diane Kramer
Frederick P. Krantz
David B. Kregness
Dr. Joseph L. and Mary J. Kreitzer
John and Judy A. Kriesel
Jody B. Kristapovich
Gailen K. Krug
Mary M. Kruse
William E. Kruse*
Alice D. Kuczynski
Charles K. and Lila M. Kummerfeld
Michael R. and Patricia B. Kurtz
Kevin J. and Jane Kutsch
Jerry A. Kvasnicka and Lori J. Shaw
David and Kristina C. Kwan
David and Linda Lagieski
Joseph J. and Teresa M. Lahti
Richard J. LaLonde
Patricia L. and Clarence L. Landen III
Carla J. and Robert C. Lane
Angelique M. and Leon Lang
Susan M. and Theodore C. Lang III
Loren W. and Dr. Terence G. Langan, Ph.D.
Thomas J. and Kathleen Langdon
Frank B. and Susan K. Langer
Margaret and Steven A. Laraway
Lorelei M. Larkin
Terry and Annette Larson
Marlene LaRue
Carolyn Lattery
Bradley P. Lavold
Eric and Judy Lawson
James and Holly Lawyer
Patrick F. and Julie J. Leahy
Russell A. Leighton
John E. and Arlene E. Leisen
Gregory LeMay
N. Curtis LeMay
Paula S. Lemke
Margo M. Leslie
Mary M. Lessard
Chris and Karen E. Leum
Dr. Alexander A. and Lucy K. Levitan
Rod and Sheila Lewis
Roxie Lewis
Terry K. and Katherine K. Lewis
Arlene V. Leyden
Mark and Maxine Liebsch
Anne Linder
John W. Lindholm
Kyle L. Litwin
Kevin M. and Jodi L. Loecker
Robert G. and Mary Jo Loftus
Frank M. and Donna L. Lombardo
Joyce Lombardo Nowak and Donald A. Nowak
Peter A. and Elizabeth A. Lommen
Patrick B. and Antonette M. Long
Jon S. and Katharine M. Longfellow
Daniel and Kimberly Lopez
Janice R. Luginbill
William J. and Kathleen M. Lundeen
Keith W. and Vicki L. Lutz
Robert P. Lyle Jr. and Eileen M. Ducote
Michael J. and JoAnn M. Lyons
Virginia L. Lyons
Michael F. Maas and Mary F. Losinski
Dr. Francis G. and Phyllis A. Mach
Lyle A. and Cynthia J. Mack
Robert J. Mack and Deborah A. Beauchesne-Mack
Debra K. and Timothy J. Macke
Jeffrey S. and Astrid J. MacQueen
M. Michele Madigan
Kevin and Kelly Maher
Michael B. and Diane M. Mahlik
Cathleen E. Mahoney
Edward M. and Catherine E. Mahoney
Jean M. and Patrick J. Mahowald
Jay M. and Julie A. Maki
Carole P. Malevich
Mark R. and Stephanie J. Mallory
Mary E. Malloy
Timothy and Marcia Malzahn
Anthony J. and Mary L. Maniaci
Dale L. and JoAnn K. Maristuen
Jodi A. and Thomas Markowski
Thomas R. and Sheryl L. Marshall
Daniel and Theresa L. Martin
Scott W. Martin
Nancy A. and Thomas J. Martinson
Patricia and Gregory G. Marzolf Sr.
Clem F. and Joyce S. Maslowski
Keith Mason and Marie Cook
Catherine L. Mastalir
Dr. Diane M. Matson and Mark Vanney
Peter Matson and Cdr. Jane M. Moraski Matson
Charles R. and Barbara Matthees
Dr. Steven T. Maurer and Melissa Culshaw
Harvey C. and Elaine M. May
Bernard T. and Susan McCartan
Mark E. and M. Katie McCartan
Madonna K. McDermott
Lynda M. McDonnell and Steven C. Brandt
Stephen M. and Susan M. McGarthwaite
Sandra A. McGehee
Hannah McGraw Dzik and Thomas W. Dzik
Patricia A. McGuire
Mike and Alicia McHugh
Barbara A. McIntyre
James McIntyre and Debra Underwood-McIntyre
Thomas P. McKee
Thomas W. and Mary C. McKeown
Stephen K. and Ann C. McKnight
Harry G. McNeely Jr.
David P. McNeil
Debra R. McNeil
Michael J. and Colleen A. McNeill
Helen J. McNulty
Rebecca McQuade
James R. and Janine S. McQuillan
Alvin E. and Mary Agnes McQuinn
Jack J. and Eleanor S. Meade
Dr. Richard R. and Joan Meierotto
Michele A. and Thomas G. Melius
Mary A. Mellenbruch
Daniel W. and Mary E. Memmen
Cari R. and Lynn M. Meredith
Timothy and Laura Mergens
Jack A. and Patricia M. Mertes
Nancy C. Meshbesher
H. Christopher and Julia K. Meyer
James J. and Mary Meyer
Kathleen and Gerald N. Meyer
Maria A. Michaels
Duane R. and Beverly J. Michener
Elizabeth M. Middlecamp
Harvey D. and Ida M. Miller
Michael K. Miller
Neil and Nancy I. Miller
Shelly A. and Ronald L. Miller
Stephen D. and Ann M. Miller
Mary K. Misko
Myron H. and Carol J. Moland
Michael and Wei Moline
Dr. James H. and Carol E. Moller
Andre V. Mom and Sopheap Pan
Stephanie H. and John F. Monogue Jr.
Kevin and Kathryn A. Montroy
Kathryn Moon
Kenneth R. and Roxanne S. Moon
William I. Moon
Marilyn S. and Joseph W. Moore III
Michael P. and Kathleen A. Moore
Robert and Patty Moore
Shelly A. Moorman and Kevin J. Sweeney
Mitchel K. and Christin W. Morey
Tim and Anita P. Moulton
Kathleen Mulhern
Paul J. and Sara D. Mullaney
Terrence and Gina Mullen
Margaret and Gerald T. Mullin, M.D.
Bernard D. Murphy
Joseph F. and Wanda Murphy
Robert M. and Mary Lou Murphy
Timothy S. and Tamora J. Murphy
Ann K. Murphy-Gaughan and Frank I. Gaughan
Paul W. Mussell and Cari L. Haaland
Stephen K. and Catherine Mussett
Douglas A. and Nancy E. Nagle
Jeffrey D. and Terri H. Naughtin
Jade and Nicole J. Nelson
Renee M. Nelson
Roger D. and Margaret K. Nelson
Roger P. and Teresa L. Nelson
Sokhom and Thida Neou
Donna E. Nesbitt
William and Henrietta Ness
Michael and BethAnn Neu
Tony V. and Yen Nguyen
Dost and Lamia Niaz
Mark and Ann H. Nibbe
Patricia A. and Patrick H. Niccum
Dr. Francis C. and Judith A. Nichols
Jennifer and Joel A. Nichols
Lisa Nicklay
Brian S. and Debra W. Nielsen
Cathy J. and Robert Nielsen
Edmond J. and Victoria Nielsen
Randall J. and Carol Niewenhuis
Julie A. and Bernard R. Nigon
James T. and Mary E. Nikolai
Richard M. and June A. Niznik
Dirk S. and Clara J. Nohre
Michael and Julene Nolan
JoAnn B. and Donald A. Nolander Jr.
Michael D. and Cynthia S. Noll
Sadia M. Noor
Cynthia L. Nordstrom
Kathleen A. Norton
Mary Norton-Bucher
William J. and Sharon K. O'Brien
Brian P. and Kristie R. O'Connell
Timothy E. and Nancy J. O'Connor
Kelley M. and Patrick O'Neill Jr.
James B. and Gail M. O'Rourke
Dr. Lawrence M. and Bonnie O'Shaughnessy
David N. and Paulette M. Odette
Pamela and Christopher R. Ogren
Patrick R. and Lauralee Olawsky
Paula Olsen
Barbara L. Olszewski
William B. and Jo Ann Omafray
Dr. Ahmad and Ruth L. Orandi
Daniel R. and Lorena R. Ortega
Julie A. Oseid, J.D. and Jeffrey W. Oseid, M.D.
Patrick J. and Stephanie A. Osterberg
Andre L. and Nancy L. Osvold
Jil Oswalt-Matuseski
Joseph M. and Louise S. Ottavi
Theodore F. Otten
Patrick R. and Mary E. Ottman
Jennifer A. and James F. Owens III
Edward O. and Jodiann N. Pacer
Robert D. Paetznick
Terry M. and Christine A. Painter
Lawrence L. and Gladys D. Palkert
Theresa A. and Lawrence A. Palmersheim, D.D.S.
Dorothy E. Pappenfus
David and Debbie Paquette

David J. and Lisa M. Parent
Mary F. Parnell
David and Karen Parrin
Mary S. and Philip S. Parsons
Kurt and Caroline L. Partoll
Kristi L. and Joseph W. Pastoor
Janelle M. and George R. Patet, D.D.S.
Charlotte and Joel M. Patros
Alfonso and Rosa G. Paucar
John and Joanne W. Pauley
Lynda Paulson
Timothy R. and Diane Pavek
Reginald R. and Kathleen A. Pavlak
Russell N. Payne
Joseph W. and Margaret C. Pazderka
Mary Ann Pedro
Lee H. and Linda M. Pell
John W. and Kathleen Penterman
Kelly L. and Jennifer K. Pepin
Mark and Hyon Mi Perrott
James L. and Patricia J. Pervenanze
Ana Pesina
Eileen J. Petersen
Kenneth E. and Karyl L. Petersen
Bruce R. and Tania O. Peterson
Curtis A. Peterson
Dr. Pamela L. and Garry J. Peterson
John E. and Katherine K. Peterson
Michael R. and Patricia S. Peterson
Roger J. and Mary A. Peterson
Terrence J. and Susan M. Peterson
Wayne W. and Susan D. Peterson
Lisa Peterson-Nelson
Elizabeth A. and Kenneth R. Petschel
Kathleen M. Philipp
Thomas A. and Jean M. Picard
Kevin B. and Kathleen B. Pink
Alan G. and Sandra Pinney
John W. Piper
Judith A. Plante
James M. and Deborah E. Plutt
Gerald J. Pohl
Glenn E. and Joanne J. Pohland
Joseph R. and Kathleen M. Polacheck
Jerry L. and Mary Jo Pont
Michael A. and Vickie L. Powell
Gary D. and Kay A. Prather
Stephen E. and Janet Prenevost
Nickolas and Judith M. Priadka
Henry A. Price
Mary M. and Gerald P. Price
Patricia S. and W. Scott Proshek
Bruce B. and Sidney J. Pudwill
Steven W. and Carla Puk
Gregory J. and Michelle S. Pulles
Michael and Mary Quinlivan
Mary J. Quinn
Paula and Jeff Rak
Jack R. and Catherine C. Ramage
William H. and Ladena Ramsay
Glen and Jan Ramthun
David A. and Barbara R. Ranschau
Charles and Martha Raplinger
Catherine Rashid
Dr. David A. and Mary Joan Rater
Mark C. and Sharon A. Rauenbuehler
Denise Raunig
Sandra H. and Joseph H. Reardon
Michael D. and Terry Reasoner
Vicky L. Reed
Donald B. and Jean A. Regan
Michael E. and Mary M. Regan
Patrick O. and Mary K. Regan
Nancy Reid
David and Amy Reider
Todd A. and Christine Reimringer
Paul and Elise Reiser
Donald J. and Patricia J. Reller
Richard J. and Joy B. Remer
John and Sandra Remes
Debra A. Renckens
Richard M. and Donna Renjilian
Carmen I. Reyes
Gail K. Reynolds
Kimberly and Hardy G. Reynolds III
Pauline A. Reynolds
John R. and Shari Rice
Roger A. and Kathleen M. Rich
Mark and Joan Ricter
Thomas A. Riebe
Camille A. Riggs
Jeanine M. and John T. Riley
Frank Ringel and Patricia K. Doyle
Virginia M. Riser
James and Judy Ritter
Patricia M. and Robert R. Roberts II
Paul T. and Jennifer L. Robey
John P. and Constance L. Roche
John C. and Tracy D. Rode
William G. and Lois M. Roden
William R. and Mary Ellen Rodriguez
Thomas P. Roeble
Jane L. and Dr. Philip A. Rolnick, Ph.D.
Gervase R. and Beverly A. Rose
Harry A. and Nina H. Rosefelt
Gregory L. and Buff E. Ross
Vicenta and William Rossing, M.D.
Terrence E. and Suzanne Rothenbacher
Harry M. and Tina Rothstein
Mark F. and Alice M. Rouleau
John D. and Susan A. Rousseau
Paul A. Rowekamp and Kim A. Sackett-Rowekamp
Bruce and Lora K. Rozeske
Gerald W. and Cynthia Ruether
Margaret C. Ruhme*
Ricky L. and Barbara J. Rule
John W. and Cheryl Runchey
Jean and Jeffery Russum
Ann B. and Patrick G. Ryan
Catherine M. Ryan*
Mary J. Ryan
Rhonda R. Ryan
Terry W. and Karilyn J. Ryan
Anne L. and Thomas C. Saba
Humberto and Patricia Sadder
Robert D. Salmen and Christine Spielman Salmen
Thomas A. and Linda K. Sammon
Terry C. and Lynda D. Sandvold
Michael W. and Mary K. Santine
Donald Sarles
Steven C. and Michelle A. Sather
Mary E. and Robert J. Satterstrom Sr.
Kathleen C. Sauber
Robert and Barbara A. Sawdy
Dr. Gene A. and Marilyn J. Scapanski
Richard B. and Diane D. Schafer
Lony Schaff and Nadine Engbrecht-Schaff
James E. and Linda M. Scharine
David G. Scherer and Vandela Hicks Scherer
Carol M. and Hugh K. Schilling Jr.
Kathleen T. Schillo and Bradley E. Hauser
Joetta and Dr. Gerald W. Schlabach, Ph.D.
Karen W. Schlageter
Matt and Debra R. Schleinz
Anna Schmidt
John A. and Margaret R. Schmidt
Mary G. and Lawrence A. Schmidt
Peter A. and Phyllis E. Schmit
Donald M. Schmitt
Peter J. and Sharon R. Schmitz
Ted and Michele H. Schnaare
Mary Lee Schnobrich
Thomas E. and Carolyn Schoenauer
Kenneth and Kathleen M. Schoenfelder
Nancy J. Schons
Ronald J. Schraeder
Ruth E. Schraeder
Gregg and Nadine Schreiber
Patrick H. Schreier
Tamara and James Schreiner
Thomas and Kim M. Schubert
Kenneth J. and Jane L. Schuebel
Eileen S. and Robert D. Schuetz Jr.
Patricia Schulman
Robert J. and Patricia A. Schultz
Dr. Richard M. and Dr. Maureen G. Schulze
Susan B. Schumacher
John M. and Rosemary T. Schwartz
Wayne A. and Lanita M. Schwartz
Roland D. and Janice J. Schwitters
David J. and Patricia Scott
Avis H. Seals
James P. Secord and Teresa M. Roberts
Melinda A. Seifert
Timothy J. and Mary Seitz
William R. and Mary Seitz
Joey and Michelle A. Sellner
James W. and Marion L. Sember
James and Susan K. Serley
Donna M. Shea
Stanley W. and Bonnie J. Shearer
Dr. Arkady Shemyakin
John and Linda M. Shields
Laurie F. and Gregory J. Shields
Jill K. and Haden Shipman
Nikki M. Shoutz
James A. and Cindy Shovein
Dana and Margaret A. Sibbet
Alan and Julie Sibler
Jorge Silva Rodriguez and Maria Angelica Olvera Talonia
Matthew E. Simmons, M.D. and Lynn M. Simmons, M.D.
James E. Simser
Leo J. and Cheryl Sioris
Paul D. and Paola Sipe
Jeffrey and Linda Sjolander
Robert J. and Serena I. Sjolund
Eric and Lori L. Skare
Catherine W. Skaret and James A. Blaha
Timothy M. Skopec, M.D. and Lynn L. Skopec, M.D.
Lisa K. and Kevin D. Skule
Timothy R. and Susan Slechta
Mark E. and Kimberly A. Smith
Patrick J. and Kimberly J. Smith
Ronald R. Smith
Timothy J. and Natalie Smith
John A. and Kris Snow
Rosemarie G. Sochacki
Corrine A. Soppe
Carol S. and Niels H. Sorensen, M.D.
Kenneth A. Sorensen and Janet Moylan Sorensen
David C. and Judy L. Sorgatz
Fran Sorquist
Jeffrey C. and Margaret S. Soupir
Kim R. and Paul Sovell
Timothy P. Spangenberg and Julie A. Zenner
David P. Spanton
Anthony R. and Rebecca L. Speltz
Jon and Margaret Srsen
Kathie L. and Brian St. Mary
Barbara J. Stahl
Lisa M. Stahl
Bradley and Daleen Stamas
Eugene F. and Sharon L. Stanefski
Jeanne K. and David L. Stanek
Jean M. Staples
Adrienne and Michael D. Stark
Jeffery L. Stark
Howard Statz
Colleen M. Stehr
Barbara S. and Robert Steinbrunn
Gregg W. and Denise E. Steinhafel
Mark R. and Jill Steinhauser
Sandra G. and John G. Stephanie, Ph.D.
James E. and Margaret C. Stern
J. Clarke and Patricia Stevens
Howard J. and Martha F. Stewart
George W. and Joan Stickney
Anne M. Stocks
Michael J. and Elizabeth J. Stohlmeyer
Frank J. and Susan K. Stork
Anne and Robert J. Strachota
Cecilia M. and Gregory J. Stroik, C.P.A.
Shawn K. and Margaret N. Sunnarborg
Marc E. and Patricia S. Swanson
Mary L. Swenson
Dr. Stephanie A. and Robert Sworski
Jennifer M. Taddei
Janet K. Tako
Robin C. and John Taney
LeRoy N. and Mary F. Tarbox
Mary M. and John A. Tauer Jr.
Glen A. Taylor
Steve C. and Angela Taylor
Alan J. Tennessen*
Michael W. and Barbara Tenney
Barbara A. and Thomas P. Teresi
Eric and Colleen P. Teynor
Pao P. Thao and Mai H. Vang Thao
David J. and Colleen P. Theisen
Scott L. and Geralyn M. Theune
Mark R. and Kimberly Thometz
Julia M. Thompson
Ann M. and Richard A. Thonet
Jeane Thorne
Serene B. Thornton
Derrick Thram and Katherine M. Cosentino
Don Thron
John A. and Theresa A. Thurmes
Marjorie Thyken
Rebecca R. and Michael J. Thyken
Jeffrey and Lori A. Tillman
Robert J. and Mary T. Timmins
Michael and Ana M. Tinajero
Ashish Tomar and Sheng Lee Tomar
David and Molly Tomsche
Lee and Beverly J. Topp
David M. and Laurie M. Torkko
Michael and Kena Tormanen
Dolores M. and Donald A. Traxler
James A. and Ann C. Trenda
Helen E. and Charles E. Trepanier
Steven R. and Nancy Trost
Phillip R. and Elizabeth A. Trout
Stephen T. and Marlene G. Tulibaski
Gerald A. and Kathleen A. Turner
Marjorie A. Tushaus
Barbara J. Tuzinski
Mark and Ann M. Tvrdik
Jerome S. and Theresa E. Tweet
Robert S. and Ellen R. Tye
Jeffrey D. and Rae A. Tyllia
Rev. Okokon O. and Umo Udo
Batoyun Uranchimeg
Todd and Katherine Urness
Michael T. and Belinda M. Van Beek
Glen E. and Susan K. Van Gheem
Curtis G. and Patrice M. Van Oort
Mark A. and Sue A. Van Vooren
Christopher Van Wagner and Peggy Kelly
Dr. Terri L. and Jeffrey P. Vandercook
Lisa and Dr. David O. Vang, Ph.D.
Kim M. and Mark D. Vangsgard
David and Carolyn Vasos
Aldo and Michele Vecchia
Jerry D. and Lynda J. Veglahn
John A. and Kathleen Vella
Judith and Ronald R. Vessey, M.D.
Thomas M. and Terri J. Vicarel
Judith A. and Paul A. Vijums
Thomas G. Vinz
Tim and Lisa A. Voit
Hollis R. and Kenneth Vowels
Kathryn R. and Tom E. Vukodinovich, D.D.S.
David J. Vukson
Stephen D. and Suzanne M. Vuolo
Susan M. and Thomas Wade
Barbara Wagman
William D. and Renee L. Wahlin
Richard L. and Aida B. Wakefield
Mark and Mary Waldera
James A. and Mary E. Waldvogel
Lois M. Wallner*
Stephen T. and Mary B. Walrath
Allen and Elaine Walter
Devon Walton and Deb Zajic
Michael and Joyce Walton
Joanne C. and James F. Ward Sr.
Kevin and Norma Ward
Kevin D. and Kristin S. Wargin
Edward G. and M. Colleen Warin
James M. and Joanne Warner
Henry E. Warren
Elizabeth and John J. Waters Jr.
Malcom Watkins
Charles E. and Mary Beth Weaver
Michele and Roger Weber
Arnold M. and Anne L. Weimerskirch
Steven Weinschneck and Lynn Weinschenk
Troy J. and Patricia A. Weitgenant
Michael V. and Lisa K. Welton
Robb and Susan Weltzien
Loren R. and Robyn R. Wendroth
Laurie A. Werner
Rodney D. and Ronda L. Wescott
Paul and Denise J. Westling
Marianne W. Wheelock and Scott W. Kajer, D.D.S.
Ramona J. and John White
Thomas and Brenda Wickenhauser
Laurent A. Wickland
Joseph F. and Susan F. Wieseler
Jeffrey D. Wild and Anne M. WIld
Richard A. and Lucy H. Wilhoit
Joseph L. and Pamela S. Willaert
Leo and Wendy Willaert
George E. Williams
Guy and Elizabeth M. Williams
Martha R. and James R. Williams, D.D.S.
Joel T. Williams
Patrick S. and Diana Williams
Gregg L. Willkom
Timothy O. and Mary Wilson
Richard H. and Amy Winter
Steven and Susan Woelfel
Michael and Anna Wojciechowski
Steven F. and Lynn B. Wolf
Joseph A. and Marcia K. Wolkerstorfer
Jone M. Woodside-Tiffany and Hal E. Tiffany Jr.
Paul and Deborah Worachek
Jennifer L. Wright and Thomas W. Linder
Pirjo and Gary Wuollet
Thomas and Mary-Clare Wyrowski
Joseph G. and Leonora D. Yadrick
Lewis Yang and Muon Vy
Charles W. and Katherine T. Yenni
Sam and Sokhary N. You
Dean T. and Carolyn S. Young
Matthew W. and Cathy Yseth
Jean M. Yunker
Reginald J. and LuAnn Zachman
Norbert J. and Betty L. Zahler
Brent and Brenda Zahrbock
Kathleen R. and James H. Zavoral, M.D.
John L. and Linda L. Zechmann
Kenneth L. and Karen A. Zeckser
Carla Zevnik-Seufzer
Daniel G. and Mary M. Ziegeler
Darrell A. and Brenda L. Ziegler
Lawrence P. and Joan A. Zielke
David R. and Mary Zimmerman
Gina M. and Carl Zitzer
Patrick and Peggy Zumbusch
Bruce M. and Patricia D. Zweber